Saturday, August 25

Kaffe Fassett came to visit me....

But - this beautiful Kaffe Fasset quilt only stayed for a little while in my home.....drat!
 It is made by Sarah, who lives in Idaho, and is in love with Kaffe....well....his fabrics!  She did absolutely beautiful work on the applique and the piecing...(sigh).
Every time I quilt one of these beauties I tell myself...."I MUST get some of my own and get going on one."  That way I won't be drooling on Sarah's anymore! (Sorry about the drool, Sarah...)  Thank you for letting me quilt it - I didn't want to see it end, or send it back to you.  :)


  1. Is this the Sarah I know? It's incredible. I always say that, too, but then when I go to buy it, it doesn't seem to click for me. I have a hard time seeing how it will all go together. I'm almost done with a Kaffe quilt. I'll send it to you when I'm done. I see some of the same fabrics that are in mine!

    1. Yes - it's the same Sarah. I'm with you on the Kaffe fabrics. They actually confuse me when I see them all lined up in bolts. But when I see a quilt finished, like Sarah's, I want one, too. I need to climb out of my box and just DO IT!!!

  2. Wow Kathy, that looks fabulous. Now where did I put my Kaffe fabric . . . .?