Tuesday, April 22

stacey's quilt

A customer of mine, Stacey, from Montana, made this super cute lap size quilt.

I love everything about it - the simplicity, the colors, the setting design - everything!
I quilted an echoed swirl in the sashing areas...

 and little waves - changing the direction in every other block.

 Even the backing is pretty!
I pretended it belonged to me.....just for a little while.
Thanks, Stacey, for letting me quilt this pretty!

Monday, April 14

happy kitchenaid

My friend, Kathy, over at Kathy's Cottage, has the cutest kitchenaid decals you've ever seen! 
She knows I love vintage so she created these feed sack decals I just had to have!
I ordered two different styles (one is for a gift)...

But, here's the thing with Kathy - when she sends you your order it comes all packaged up in tissue with lovely little stickers...

With this package I could immediately smell one of my favorite smells.....LEMON!  Yes, she made this amazing little ticking (as in fabric - not the beating kind), heart pillow with lemon incense and attached a beautiful little birds nest.
I had ordered some other items that came with this pillow but I'll blog about them later.  

She didn't know I love to collect birds nests, in fact, at Christmas time when we are looking for the best Christmas tree ever we try to find one with a birds nest tucked inside. 

 I have it sitting by my very old Jadite lamp - perfect together.

OK - back to the kitchenaid decals.
This is a picture of my kitchen aid BEFORE.....
This is AFTER....

See how happy she is! 
Kathy let me choose the ric-rac color - love this vintage blue color!
They were easy to apply and are washable.

I'm over the top happy with my spring-y kitchenaid!
Thank you so much, Miss Kathy.
Go here to order a set for yourself! 
There are a lot of different styles to choose from.

Tuesday, April 8

Ali's quilt..

My very good friend asked me to make a quilt for her daughter, Ali. 
I love little Miss Ali...
She sent me a paint swatch of two colors, purple and green, and left the rest up to me. 
Here are my mountains of strips!
 I decided to start with a center and go around and around using different width strips.
 Every other row was a cream strip.

Mmmmm, dot flannel backing and scrappy binding.
I quilted giant swirls all over.

Pillow shams are a must!
Love you, Miss Ali. 
And yes, I hugged them before I sent them to you.



Monday, March 31


Heather, from California, sent me her barn quilt.  These barn blocks seem to be popping up all over the place!  I've quilted quite a few and I think they are so darn cute.  Each one is very personal.  Heather did an amazing job on hers - here are some of them...

I love the barn door fabric she used on the door:

It was fun creating the shingles on the roofs:

I tried to quilt each door different:

I quilted a wood grain design in her wood grain sashing & border areas:
Nine barns in all - super cute!

Heather also sent a single churn dash block to be used for a pillow.  I had quilted a bed quilt made from these blocks a while ago - so pretty.  Little feather quilting.


Thank you, Heather, for letting me quilt on your beauties!

Monday, March 24

Olivia is coming!

Our granddaughter, Olivia, is coming to visit this week with her mom. 
We are so excited! 
Little girls and glitter.....magical!
 I had made her this book pillow for Christmas and added the "Olivia" book.

This was her reaction:
And she's NOT letting go of either the pillow or the Skittles!
Love you, Miss Olivia! 
Travel safely...

Thursday, March 13


I'm so in love with this pink-ish color lately. 
I keep seeing it and I'm drawn to it.
Thank you, Dawn, for making this pretty pink soap! 
(I use it in an oil bottle my friend, Brook, gave me years ago.)
My customer, Kathleen, from Pennsylvania, sent me several quilts to quilt recently.
One of my favorites is this Modern Baby quilt. 
It has this pink-ish, peachy color in it.
It's a very simple design and she asked me to quilt radiating straight lines in two blocks and pebble the other two. 
It was a challenge, but so fun!
Here is the backing....love the grey and that little bit of piecing set in.

 A close-up of the flying geese "bits" on the front:
Another beauty she sent me...."coins"....with an all-over cross-hatching design.

Tucked inside all of her lovely quilts was this beautiful pink Pyrex dish with flowers.
Somehow she remembered I am in love with Pyrex!
My other pink Pyrex dishes welcomed their new friend to our home.
I didn't hesitate to put my new/old dish to good use.
Yes, cherry cheesecake!

A favorite of ours.
Cherry Cheesecake:
For the crust, crush one package of graham crackers and add 1/2 cube melted butter.  Spread it in the bottom of your dish.
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 8oz package of cream cheese (room temperature)
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 can cherry pie filling
Combine filling ingredients, mix until smooth, pour into crust then top with cherry (or your favorite) filling.

Friday, March 7

star wars re-visited...

Here's a little something I bet you didn't know about me....
I am a Snowtrooper - yes, a Star Wars Snowtrooper.  Why?....
When I first met my husband about 10 years ago he was a member of the Muskavar 501st....something. (I can't remember all the techy names & numbers). 
He was building his own Star Wars Stormtrooper costume. 
I followed him to children's events where kids can have their picture taken with all the Star Wars characters, hang out with them, and play "light sabre" games with them. 
I saw the smiley faces of these kids and wanted to be a part of it all.....I LOVE kids! 
So...I created my own Snowtrooper costume. 
It was a blast hanging out with kids and watching the surprise, then fear, then joy in their little faces. 
It's all volunteer - we don't accept any money ....  and we only attend special events like greeting the cancer patient campers as they arrive on horseback, (my favorite event).  or...."Boo at the Zoo" with the trick-or-treaters. 
Here's my favorite "Stormtrooper" and myself at the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho.

Jan, from Florida, sent me 3 quilts. 
One was a Star Wars quilt for her son - I don't think Star Wars will ever be out-dated! 
I could NOT quilt on top of Yoda's face!

She used the Cluck Cluck Sew pattern, "Bizzy Kid".

Stormtrooper connecting with the quilt...(deep voice.."do. not. leave. my. house.)

She also sent this red & white lovely - I cross-hatched it and quilted a pretty little feather in the outer border.

I LOVE this modern "Across the Quad" by Jennifer Mathis.  I quilted long figure "8's" in the patchwork areas and a fan swirl in the background.

These are all so lovely.....thank you, Jan, for allowing me to "play" on your quilts! 
And for helping me bring back all those Star Wars memories....makes me smile!