Tuesday, April 14

Cathy's samplers...

My friend, Cathy, from Maryland, makes the most beautiful applique sampler quilts using wool and cottons.
Here are a couple of them she recently sent for me to quilt:
First up - a beautiful "Flags of the American Revolution" quilt.....this one speaks to my military heart.
Cathy's initials...
Her piece work is just as beautiful as her hand work...
 Love this dove carrying a ribbon...
 These words make me want to put my hand on my heart...
 The eagle was the center of the quilt...
I quilted each block individually...
Next - her "Garden" quilt:
 So many beautiful pieces of wool applique...
 I love this little basket...
A little cottage home...
 The trees are adorable and I love the little doxies....she has two of them!
The details in her quilts are mind boggling!
I can't imagine the time it must take to complete one of these treasures. 
 I quilted each section differently and had fun with the borders.
She not only makes beautiful quilts, she also makes super cute pin cushions!
Cathy knows I love pin cushions - I have a small collection of them.
She stitched my nickname on this one....I love it!
This is a sweet sunflower pin cushion made with wool....
And of course, a 30's hexagon one with an embroidered flower center.
Thank you, Cathy, I LOVE my pin cushions!
And I love quilting on your beautiful quilts! 
It's always such a treat.....

Tuesday, April 7

Cluck Cluck Sew - new patterns!

I recently got to quilt a few more quilts for Allison - at Cluck Cluck Sew.
Here's "Nautical"
I quilted an all-over wave....super cute idea, Allison! 
Look at all those nautical flags...
 And here's "Hoopla"
I quilted an all-over swirl.
Her backing is perfect and that binding with states script -  very cute!

You can purchase any of her patterns here.

It's so brilliant that these two patterns come in multiple sizes - she's just so smart! 

 Thanks Allison!
I love playing with your quilts!



Saturday, April 4

happy Easter everyone....

Here's my take on Easter eggs.....(I know it's a stretch, but, they're the same SHAPE as an egg.....)
 Lemon white chocolate covered almonds.
They are divine!
(Thank you, Costco)
I love my little Sun Bonnet Sue kitchen towel my very good friend, Kathy C., made for me.
Kathy also gave me the cute yellow beehive shape Bauer bowl that holds my lemon-luscious-ness.
Happy Easter, everyone.
I hope on this day you can reflect on the love and sacrifice of Christ, our Savior.

Sunday, March 29

pumpkin seed flower quilt

Martha, from Missouri, made this adorable pumpkin seed flower quilt for herself.
I love it when we get to make a quilt just for ourselves!
No - it's not selfish - it's rewarding and fun!
It's such a pretty springy quilt.
Is that striped binding just about the cutest ever? 
Martha was a little hesitant about it but I think it's perfect!
I quilted a large feather in each "seed" shape and single loops in the background. 
I wanted the seed/leaves to stand on their own.
Such happy pretty prints!
That backing - I could honestly live with an entire bolt of it!
This quilt says, "happy spring", to me.
Thank you, Martha, for bringing some spring into my sewing room!
Are you working on a springy quilt? 

Sunday, March 22

Hexagon Quilt....

My non-sewing sister, Vicki, went shopping on the internet a couple of years ago, for some fabrics to give me as a gift. 
She is miserable in a fabric shop. 
She starts to hyperventilate when she enters a room with a sewing machine. 
She literally gets hives when we go to quilt shows - remember that summer in Preston, ID, Vicki? 
We had to find some Benadryl - FAST!
So - when she said she had purchased some fabric for me.........for no other reason than she loves me....I was shocked pleasantly surprised! 
She found these darling, "Color Me Retro", prints - 1/2 yard cuts of the entire line, and sent them to me. 

I cried when I opened them because I know how painful that must have been for her to shop for fabric. 
Gosh - I love my sister.

I knew I wanted  a quilt out of them which showcased the prints.
So I chose a giant hexagon.
I purchased this Hex 'n More ruler - it's wonderful! 
I asked my friend, Andrea in Pennsylvania, to piece it for me.
(If I try to piece something I know it will take at least 5 more years to get around to it!  That's just way too long to wait for something this cute).
Andrea used this "Candy Dish" pattern for the setting instructions.
Here is Andrea's blog post about her process.
This is my quilt top hanging on a door in her home.
I feel like I'm sitting in her pretty home watching her piece my quilt top!
Andrea did a beautiful job, as always, on my quilt top. 
It's so fun working with her.
She will sew a quilt top for you, too!
Just contact her through her blog.
I have a flannel backing and used 80/20 batting - I wanted a "snuggler".
I used a bracelet print from Lizzy House for the binding.
I quilted an all-over swirl pattern.

 It turned out to be a full size quilt - perfect size!
Thank you, my sister - Vicki, and Andrea for this wonderful quilt!
I love you both.....

Wednesday, March 18

Metro Rings

Shari - from New Jersey - sent me this pretty aqua (one of my favorite colors) Metro Rings quilt to quilt.
She used a bright jelly roll for the rings.
It's made from one of the "Sew Kind of Wonderful" curved piecing patterns.
You can purchase the pattern here on their website.
I love Shari's color choices.
She said I could quilt anything I wanted to - I love that!
So I looked at other Metro Rings quilts and settled on this:
I quilted straight lines in the large open areas then added a string of pearls to out line that area, "L's" in the football areas, looped the quarter square corners, and lined the rings.
I love the solid pink & white 1/4 squares at each intersection.
 This backing is a very happy pink and orange - perfect!
Shari is going to bind it with the solid aqua - good choice!
Thanks, Shari....now I need to get mine out and start sewing!
I chose a Downton Abby jelly roll and a very soft pink for the background.
Not my usual choice of colors but I needed at least ONE quilt with Downton Abby prints!
You need a "quick curve ruler" that the ladies at Sew Kind of Wonderful have created - it's worth it! 
They have SO many beautiful patterns to choose from.

Thursday, March 12

Pow-Wow quilts!

Cute Katie, from Pennsylvania, sent these adorable twin baby boy quilts to be quilted. 
I love this pattern!
It's "Pow Wow" from Cluck Cluck Sew.
You can purchase one here at Allison's shop.
Each one had different prints so I quilted them different.
One was quilted with swirls, the other one was quilted with double bubbles.

But look at these flannel backings....
extra cute!
Katie tucked this cute little pyrex dish inside the box when she sent the quilt "parts" to me.

She knows I love pyrex and said while she was out shopping, she saw this blue dish and thought it was perfect to send with the little boy quilts.

I course I filled it with coconut flavored M&M's.
Oh my!
Have I ever mentioned my love of coconut?
Oh, that's right - I have - here!
They're SOOOOO good!

I love my vintage table cloth my friend, Brooke - from Arizona, sent.
Thank you, Katie & Brooke.
My table is so pretty and springy!