Saturday, November 22

Hawaiian shirt quilt...

Audre', from Tennessee, created this amazing quilt out of a family members' Hawaiian shirts. 
Literally - his shirts.
This is the second quilt like this that I've quilted for Audre'. 
Each shirt has a little pocket and collars. 
I didn't want to quilt on them - they needed to stand out on their own.
I find myself just staring at each one.
They look like you could just grab one and wear it!
The sashing is made from the shirts, also.
This is an amazing quilt, Audre'.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sunday, November 16

Debbie's sampler...

My friend, Debbie, made this beautiful Fig Tree 2013 mystery of the month quilt. 
It's just stunning!
She wanted me to quilt each block individually - I love that!
Here are some close ups of some of the blocks...
Each house was quilted with its own personal touch.
I echo quilted the blue dot border and quilted a pretty fleur design in the outer border.
(I wish I had a bolt of that blue dot fabric).
The baskets were each so pretty - love the little bow on this one.
Notice how the center of every single block has that blue dot square - brilliant!
There were house blocks, basket blocks and sampler pieced blocks.
Cute little 4-patch windows.
I had so much fun quilting this quilt....
And Debbie did a BEAUTIFUL job piecing it.
It was a gift for a very lucky sister-in-law.

Tuesday, November 11

Pay It Forward - aka - PIF

A year ago I participated in a pay-it-forward challenge. 
Elizabeth, from The College Seamstress, posted it on her blog.
So - I responded to her challenge here, she sent me the cutest little yellow pouch, and I agreed to do the same within the next year.
It's been almost a year to date!  EEEKK - where did that year go?
I've made three cute pillow cases for my part of the challenge and I am ready to send them to 3 individuals who will be willing to pay it forward.
 Hmmmm - choices....

 I had so much fun making these.
If you would like, please comment below agreeing to the following:
1.      You will make a handmade gift for three people to give away on your blog (you must have a blog).
2.     You will do so within the next 365 days.
3.     You will smile while you PAY IT FORWARD.....I have!
I will choose 3 of you within the next week to send a pillow case to. 
Thank you for being willing to PIF!

Wednesday, November 5

giveaway winner is Myra!

I was helping a student, ("hi" Christine), piece a Christmas tree skirt in an evening class.
She's reading the directions out loud and says, "...smash it with the iron." 
She asks me, " I just smash it with the iron?"
I thought she was kidding - she was NOT!
Read #25 - I'm watching the video right now.....
Jackie Robinson really does say SMASH! 
And she SMASHES it!!!!
(it actually made me jump)
All these years I've been using the word, "press".
I must be outdated!
Whew - Now for the giveaway....
I purchased this lovely Christmas Table Runner kit recently.
I know I won't get around to piecing it.
Would you like to have it?
It has very pretty batiks - everything you need is included; the pattern, top, backing and binding!

All you have to do is respond with an answer to this question:
What type of Christmas music do you listen to?
I'll pick a winner within the week!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
She won the giveaway Christmas table runner kit.
Thank you all for playing along - it was so fun reading your comments about Christmas music.
Here is what Myra said:
SMASH IT, girl! LOL! I like traditional hymn Christmas music and also Celtic Thunder's version of Christmas songs
I will email  you, Myra, so I can get your mailing address.  Thanks!

Friday, October 31

Happy 35th Birthday - rotary cutter!

Several months ago, Robin, the Associate Brand Lead for OLFA, contacted me and asked if I would consider piecing and quilting an OLFA rotary cutter birthday quilt. 
She had my attention!
I thought about it for about 30 seconds and then jumped on it. 
I was intrigued! 
I also recognize when my commitments won't allow much of a time frame for something of this magnitude so I referred her to my sweet friend, Andrea, to do the piecing. 
She had pieced a quilt for me a while ago and I was thrilled with her work. You can read about it here.
OLFA has posted a page on Pinterest which shows each designer's block and their comments as to why they created it. 

It was actually quite a process. 
Robin, Andrea & I stayed in constant contact with each other to make sure we were all visualizing the same end result and staying within our deadlines.
OLFA sent out a little kit to designers all over the nation, inviting them to join the celebration. 
Each designer was asked to create a 6" block inspired by the rotary cutter and they had to include the iconic yellow color somewhere in the block.
36 designers across the nation joined the party! 

After they created the block, they sent it to Andrea so she could set them all together.

Here is where it gets exciting! 
Andrea started receiving them in the mail, (she lives in Pennsylvania), and started documenting the blocks and their stories. 


After receiving 36 blocks, Andrea went shopping for just the right color combination when setting the blocks together.

She did a great job designing the setting. 
Here is her design wall:
Andrea then sent all the quilt "parts" to me and I got to add my quilting touch to it.
I was shaking in my boots a bit nervous - I wanted the designers and OLFA to be pleased.
I had creative license to do whatever I wanted and I had a vision in my head.
I quilted diagonal straight lines, each quadrant being opposite from each other. 
And I wanted the shape of the rotary cutter (circles) somewhere in there, too.

 So I filled in the  rows of straight lines with bubbles.

  Each block is individually quilted (that was the really fun part for me!).



Andrea created a very cool label for the back with each designers name in the place corresponding with their placement on the front of the quilt - so clever!
 The quilt is now hanging at the Houston International Quilt Market and will travel to OLFA Japan next.
This was such a fun project!

Thank you, OLFA and Robin, for asking Andrea & I to share our talents with this commemorative part of history with you! 

You can read more about Andrea's "journey" with this project here.
Here is my rotary cutter family.....that first one is 35 years old!


What would we do without them?  eekk!



Monday, October 27

Christmas quilt cut-off date....

I really don't like setting a cut-off date for receiving quilts...
 I want to quilt them all RIGHT NOW!
But, I need to have a date so I can insure you will have your quilts back in time for Christmas.
The date is NOVEMBER 10th. 
If I receive your quilt by this date I will guarantee you will get it returned in time for Christmas.
(Jan's Christmas quilt)
All of the quilts I have right now will be returned before Christmas.
Thank you for your patience and for trusting me with your lovelies!
I've already started quilting to Christmas music and keep a stash of chocolate on hand - I love this time of year!
(my Candy Cane Christmas quilt)

Tuesday, October 21

anitra's quilts

Anitra sent me a GIANT box full of quilts to be quilted - 9 in all! 
Here are just a few of them....
A sweet patriotic quilt - I could have easily kept this one!
I sewed a black & white bracelet print binding on it...
This is a pretty batik aqua strippy quilt - she wanted quilted, so pretty!
A Kaffe Fassett "Bold & Beautiful" - with swirl quilting....amazing!
A cute little baby boy quilt - love the stripe binding!
"Carnival" out of more bracelet print fabrics.
Anitra wanted the white & aqua areas of this "Learning Curve" to be quilted with different designs.
I swirled the aqua areas and pebbled the white - stunning quilt!
Another Kaffe Fassett Stripes quilt - she named it "Urban Cohesion".
I quilted opposing loops in the blocks and echoed the triangle border.
I LOVE this quilt!!!
 "Kaleidoscope" - cross-hatched.
Thank you, Anitra, for sending such beautiful quilts to work on.
I wonder what you're working on now?