Thursday, September 3

Christmas Quilt Deadline fast approaching.....

 The deadline for getting your Christmas quilts to 

me this year is:

October 1st, 2020

It seems as though summer had a slow arrival and now all of a sudden it's almost fall!

That means Christmas is just around the corner.

And so are snowflakes!

I'm still about 4 months out but I'm starting to get a little smidge caught up so I am able to set aside some time for those holiday quilts.

Happy Holidays - a little early!

Thursday, August 6

simple addition...

My friend, Carol - from Montana, made this adorable 
baby quilt for a little guy.
She used Allison's pattern, "Simple Addition".   

You can find that cute pattern here on her 
website, "Cluck Cluck Sew".
I think it's so cute how Carol randomly set 
in some red blocks.  
I quilted it row-by-row with single loops.

The backing is a darling panel - "Bear Hug".  

It's an Art Gallery print 
(of course it is.....because it's so dang cute).
You can find one here in this Etsy shop.

Such a cute quilt, Carol.  
Thank you for sharing with us.

Wednesday, July 15

Sherri's really cool quilts....

It's been forever since I've posted any new quilts on here!

Sherri, from Alaska, has been keeping herself 
focused sewing beautiful quilts.
Here are just three of the many quilts she has 
completed this year:
This has got to be one of my favorite "Drunkard's Path" quilts I've ever seen.
Sherri used mostly Kaffe Fassett prints and the perfect low volume background pieces.

 I straight line quilted it about 1" spaced horizontal lines.

She chose a red backing that reads stripes.  Perfect!

I never get tired of seeing these slice-shift-sew trees.
I stipple quilted this cutie.

The backing is a nice Cotton & Steel Christmas print.

60 degree triangles are always so striking to me.  
I have tons of them cut out - just need to get sewing.
That pink Kaffe backing is the perfect piece 
(and one of my favorites).

All bound and ready to be snuggled under.

Sherri always creates such beautiful quilts......nice job, sweet lady!

Wednesday, May 20

Jan's lovelies....

My friend, Jan, from Florida, creates the most beautiful, soothing quilts. 
I've been quilting for Jan since I first purchased my own Gammill quilting machine 8 years ago.
I believe she was one of my first customers and we've become "virtual" friends ever since.
Here are two of her most recent quilts.
This one is based on a wilderness theme and is going to some family members who also love the outdoors.  
It's perfect!

It has a "bear" theme - LOVE this cute bear print.
I quilted an all-over wood grain design.

Then Jan adds this adorable panel on the back!

Jan's next quilt is this beauty.
I wish I had space large enough to photograph the entire quilt.

It has the most wonderful prints surrounded by a darling ity bity mushroom background print.

I quilted horizontal straight lines about 1" apart.  
Such a fun quilting design and adds just enough texture without distracting from the piecing.

The back is gorgeous birds.  
I'm crazy in love with birds! 

Thank you Jan, for sending pretty quilts my way and sharing their beauty with me.

Saturday, April 11

Bonnie's Modern Geese

My friend, Bonnie, from Montana recently made this beautiful Flying Geese quilt.

I love everything about it!
It has such a modern feel using a very traditional 
flying geese block.
I also love the simplicity of it.
The colors and placement of the geese are perfect.
I outline quilted the geese and added a triangle inside each one to allow them to stand out on their own.
I swirl/pebbled the background - this pattern gives it a 
lot of texture.

Bonnie added that small green border just to frame the pretty center of her quilt.

The backing is this nice almost solid cream and really 
shows off the quilting.

It's a beauty, Bonnie.
Thank you for letting me quilt it for you.

Thursday, March 5

broken heart quilt

A dear friend of mine recently lost her son.  
My heart hurts so badly for her.
We have sons' the same age so as a mom I have been at a loss for words.
I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't know how.
I would bring her a casserole, but we live 2,500 miles apart.
I wanted to go for a long walk with her, but couldn't.
I wanted to sit with her and let her scream and cry and pound her fists and throw things, but again, I couldn't.
But what I can do is make her a quilt. 

That's what we, as quilt makers, do to comfort 
the people we love.
I made her a heart quilt.

She calls it her "Broken Heart" quilt - because her heart is broken.
She can snuggle with it when she feels the need for a hug.
She can scream into it when she feels the 
anger enveloping her.
She can throw it when she wishes she could 
toss the pain away.
She can punch it when she feels like hurting something.
But, it will always be there to comfort her 
when she needs love.
I hugged the quilt before I sent it - and I might have 
shed a few tears on this quilt, too.

I love you, my friend.....

The pattern is from the Buggy Barn book, "Gone Crazy", called, "Heather".

Tuesday, January 21

Keep it Simple

My friend, Sherri - from Alaska, keeps her quilts simple.
I love simple.
I need to make more simple quilts instead of thinking I need to make every quilt with a certain degree of difficulty in order to make it count for something......
I don't even know what that "something" is!
Here are some of her quilts I quilted recently.
Quarter Square triangles are always so striking to me.

Simplicity shows off the fabrics, too.
Sherri used some of her Denyse Schmidt prints 
for this beauty.

How about a simple half square triangle quilt?
I quilted single waves - edge to edge.

I absolutely LOVE this egg cup backing print. 

 Sixty degree triangle quilts are at the top of 
my "favorites" list - always.
I quilted a stipple design on this beauty.

I could live with an entire bolt of this
 Kaffe Fassett backing fabric.  
It's so bright and makes me happy.

Two of Sherri's Kaffe Fassett quilts.

You always make the best use of your beautiful fabrics.  
Thank you for the inspiration.