Friday, July 25

a 30's print retreat finish...

Last year I went to a retreat in lovely McCall, ID. 
It was hosted by Corrie & Des over at Quilt Taffy.
It was nothing short of amazing!
I'm going again this year - heels kicking in the air!
For three solid days I worked on one project - this 2" Trip Around the World quilt.
I had all the strips cut (130 of them) so all I had to do was sew, and sew, and sew!!!
I honestly thought I would go out of my mind sewing strips - I get bored easily with the same thing over and over. 
But, I was determined to finish it while I was there.
I used a very old pattern which was typed with a typewriter and had hand drawn pictures.  That's old!
The only thing I really had to pay attention to was keeping the piles in order by number - the rest was a piece of cake!
(I used little stickers with number on them)
Here is 1/2 of the top finished.
Some of the "rounds" have different prints, but they are within the same color.
The backing is a pretty purple 30's print.

peeking through asparagus plants...

I quilted it with an all-over!

I took the photos at my neighbors home just up the road - love this chipped paint door.
Old things with flowers in them...pretty.

The hand binding is a sweet green/white stripe my friend, Barbara, gave me....she knows I love green and stripes.  (thank you)

I'm very much in love with my 30's Trip quilt - it's a snuggler!

Corrie & Des are hosting another retreat this year.
You can read all about it here.
There are still a few spots left in the first session - you really don't want to miss out!
Thank you, Danette, for letting me take pictures on your're the best!

Tuesday, July 22

VS (vintage sheet) quilt

Bev, from Virginia, made this very simple, beautiful vintage sheet quilt. 
She collects vintage sheets and makes pretty things with them.
 These blocks are 10" squares.
I quilted chunky flowers & loops all over.
Bev used a vintage sheet for the backing - perfect!
 She also sent me a cute mermaid quilt.
Bev wanted a clamshell design and because of the direction I quilt the shells, I needed to know if the quilt was directional.
Bev helped me out by marking the top of both the back & the front with masking tape.
I love this idea!

 Now I know which direction to load the quilt on my machine.
I love these little mermaid prints....I don't see too many of them here in the Montana mountains!
 Very cute quilt!
Thanks, Bev.  You always have great quilting ideas!
You can learn more about Bev on her blog here.

Wednesday, July 16

Candy's quilts

Candy, from Missouri, sent some pretty adorable quilts to be quilted.
Here are a few snap shots of them...
First up - a scrappy red & white strippy quilt.
I quilted an all-over large swirl.
Wouldn't you love to take a little stroll through her stash?
  I believe everyone should own a red & white quilt!
Love the dot backing.
Next - this adorable Aneela Hoey Red Riding Hood baby quilt. 
I'm in love with the little ribbon "pull tabs" she inserted - brilliant!
I quilted chunky flowers with some loops
thrown in.
Then a college quilt for an OSU student.
Candy used the "never fail" Yellow Brick Road pattern.
I quilted loops in the center and straight lined the outside border.
Look at this back - a touchdown, right there!
Candy is definitely ahead of the holidays - this Halloween quilt is so darn cute!
I love the prints!
Monster faces! 
 I quilted double bubbles in the center and outer border.
Then added long figure "8's" on an inner border.
Your quilts were so fun to quilt - thanks, Candy, for adding FUN to my love of quilting.

Tuesday, July 8

Fig Tree Flowers

My customer, Jenny, from Missouri, made this pretty quilt using Fig Tree fabrics....aren't they just the softest looking prints?
It's such a simple quilt and yet so classy looking!
She is giving it to some very special friends who are moving. 
What a sweet, sweet gift.
Jenny wanted it quilted very dense - so I did. 
I think it turned out just beautiful.
 I pebbled the cream background areas.
The inner border has a ribbon flowing through it.
And the outer border has a lady finger pattern.
(you know - the yummy buttery cookies)
In the "flower" petals I quilted one of my favorite designs - long figure "8's".
 Jenny chose a soft green with ity bity white dots for the backing....perfect!
I love how the quilting looks completely different on the back!
Binding - another perfect fabric choice! 
It's just beautiful....thank you, Jenny, 
your friends will love it.


Wednesday, July 2

patriotic.....the 4th

I love everything about the 4th of July....
the parade...
the people & their smiles...
the rodeo...
the Veteran's Memorial service honoring veterans...
the colors...
and the flags waving.
Here is my tribute to the 4th through my quilts...
This is a very old traditional "Handkerchief" pattern.
Simple strippy star quilt.
I took these photos at my neighbors home - the Clark's.
The Handkerchief quilt was big stitch hand quilted by myself and my friend, Brook.
The Clark's horse is coming to see what I'm doing.
Yes, you are pretty, too.
The road I walk on every lovely!
(love the metal roof)
My sweet little cowboy quilt...
love the view...
Thank you my neighbor, Danette Clark, for letting me take pictures of my quilts on your beautiful property.
Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Sunday, June 22

Granny Squares

Michelle, from California, made this very pretty Granny Squares quilt for her daughter. 
She plans on entering it in the fair in August.
Here are a few photos of some of my favorite color combinations:
Michelle used some reds, pinks, mustard yellows, and green Civil War prints.
I quilted an orange peel design on the pieced Granny Square blocks.
 (free-hand orange peels...uh, huh)
I swirled the background areas.
I like how the orange peel design leaves a secondary circle design.
 Oh - the pink border!
I quilted a pretty feather in that pink border.
The backing.....I like how the pink orange peels just barely show up.
I love this quilt!
Thank you, Michelle - I loved every single minute of quilting this one!
I believe it deserves a big blue ribbon!!!
Are any of you working on a county/state fair quilt to enter this fall?