Friday, October 14

Christmas quilt deadline...

November 10th
will be the deadline for getting a quilt to me in order to have them back to you for Christmas.
Just showing off the stockings I made my daughter's family a few years back.

Wednesday, September 28

my son's wedding...

My son, Gavin, got married last week.
He married the sweetest girl - Brooke.
They are perfect for each other.
She has two adorable little kids - now they are the most adorable little family.
Here are a few photos of the happy family...
At the courthouse in Tucson, AZ, with a plethora
(I love that word) of others waiting to get married.
Brooke's mom is helping the little ones.
(Brooke is totally rocking those heels!)
And the four became one...
 I love this son of mine...
The anticipation....waiting, waiting....
My family....I love these people!
(my daughter & her cute family, my husband & Gavin are the bookends)
Happy couple!
 I made each of them a snuggly quilt. 
This is Gavin's - softness on the back (a blanket from Costco) and "Hello Bear" stags on the front. 
I purchased the fabric from one of my favorite online shops, Hawthorne Threads.
I simply quilted straight horizontal lines.
 Brooke got this beautiful stag panel, also from Hawthorne Threads
I just added a couple of borders and quilted it with swirls.
 Mmmmmm a blanket from Costco on the back.

Friday, September 9

4 new Cluck Cluck Sew patterns...

YES - 4 new patterns by my friend,
Allison Harris, of Cluck Cluck Sew.
"Woven", "Celebrate", "Starstruck", and "Uptown".
She's also using some of her new "Dixie" fabrics,
 so wonderful!
I don't know how she does it - with 4 kiddos.
She's my hero!
I was lucky enough to get to quilt 2 of these new quilts.
(Allison takes much better photos than I do - so just keep that in mind.)
Here are a few photos of the two I quilted:
This is "Starstruck".
You can read about it on Allison's blog, here.
I quilted an all-over loop pattern.
This backing is from her new fabric line, "Dixie".
This one is "Uptown".
You can read more about it here on Allison's blog.
 I quilted rows and rows of "L - loops". 
 I love row quilting!
This cute back is also from her "Dixie" line which is now available.
I love everything about her patterns and quilts.
They are SO well written and include multiple sizes.
She's having a SALE - 30% off patterns with the discount code QUILT.
Hurry - the sale doesn't last forever!
Here's the link to her pattern page.

Friday, August 26

2 finishes.....Lone Star & Single Girl

I've been wanting to make this quilt for a few years now.
It's "Single Girl" by Denyse Schmidt.
You can get the pattern on her website here.
I decided to use some of my Denyse Schmidt fabrics that I've been collecting.
Here's a peak through my cute iron bed's very old and I love it! 
My bed frame is a full size so this queen size quilt drapes really nicely.
I quilted a simple swirl with pebbles design in the solid areas and straight-ish lines on the rings.
I purchased the backing, "Sparse Floral", from Hawthorne Threads - it's a Denyse Schmidt print, too, along with the binding.
I really love DS prints and wanted an entire quilt out of them.
I'm so happy with the results and I would definitely make this quilt again.
You know how I love Lone Stars.....

I made this one out of happy prints from my stash.
I had several yards of the green henna garden and wanted it for the background. 

The backing is one of my favorites "finds" to date - Free Fall from Tula Pink.
I purchased mine from Hawthorne Threads, again!  (I love this place!!!)
It comes in several color ways so the creamcicle was perfect for my colorful quilt.

It made me happy to use this cute pink DS eyelet print for the binding.

I feels SO good to get a couple of quilts finished and on my beds! 



Thursday, August 18

local quilt show...

Every other year our local quilt guild, "PieceMakers of the Madison", put on an outstanding quilt show.
Here are just a few photos of the two-day show...
This year our theme was, "Quilt Me a River".
The beautiful Madison River runs through Ennis and south central Montana. 
Several of our guild members created these amazing mini quilts depicting the Madison running through our valley. 
We lined them up in order for this display...
These photos don't do this display justice at all - but you get the idea.
See how the river keeps flowing through each quilt - so beautiful!
I entered my "happy" Lone Star. 
I'll blog more about it later. 
(wait until you see the backing...EEE!)
Here is my theme quilt entry. 
It was a "round-robin" so several members of the guild
added to it. 
It started out as a trout panel and ended up as this! 
I also included some embroidered tied flies I had that were created by the local embroidery shop, Coverups.
(thank you, Stacey)
 I won this pretty 2nd place ribbon for my
 "Home D├ęcor" entry. 
It's an old wood window pane and I attached a
crazy patch quilt behind it. 
It hangs in a little bathroom in my home - next to a little
blue sink.
So many beautiful quilts deserving of ribbons.
Sue won 1st in Traditional - it's her own design!
I love this Scrappy Trip of Tara's.
She won 2nd place in Traditional.
 Bonnie is hanging signage on our raffle quilt. 
It's such a cool quilt - those are paper pieced fish.
Bonnie and I are here ready to sell tickets for that amazing raffle quilt.
The kitchen crew, Tara, Vonna Mae and Marsha.
  We all donated dozens and dozens of FREE cookies.
My favorite moment of the entire quilt show is our
QOV presentation.
This year we honored nine Veteran's....ranging in ages from 30 something to 90 something.
Each recipient had a member of the guild create a
quilt for them. 
They did not know they were receiving a quilt - such a humbling experience for everyone.
Along with each quilt comes a beautiful certificate from the national QOV Foundation.
Each Veteran is wrapped in their own QOV...
I love these happy faces...
This is our Montana representative, Kathy Coontz, who keeps us all organized.
Her display is amazing!
My sweet husband, an Air Force Veteran, puts on this handsome uniform, stands in front of each Veteran, thanks them for their service, salutes them,
then hands them their quilt. 
This man never hesitates to help out when needed. 
(he did receive a quilt from me, but I'll blog about it later) 
He's visiting with one of the Veteran's after the presentation.
After the presentation - he put on his other "gear" to go riding.
You deserve a few hours on your bike!
(he cracks me up!)
Another great show - now I'm inspired to get working on quilts for the next show in 2018!

Sunday, July 31

Idaho Retreat with friends...

The small town of Heyburn, Idaho has recently opened a retreat for quilters.
Shelley, an employee of, "The Gathering Place", in Rupert, ID, decided it was about time the quilt shop offered a retreat for quilters and let me tell you...she went all out!
My friends, who I have been retreating with every year for at least 20 years, decided to try it out.
Here are lots of pictures of the fun we had...
I'm ready to start sewing with my little bag Des made me - she is so kind...
Emily, working on her pretty blue & white quilt...
Here's the finished top:
Betsy contemplating how to set these flying geese:
It's a great start! 
Betsy also made this cute bag....I wish you could see the zipper pull. 
It's a slice of pie with a fork. 
It's speaking to me!
Here's Corrie working on piles of projects...
just one pile of DS prints with linen!
 Corrie really nailed it by finishing two quilt tops! 
My sister, LeAnn, forever cutting on a king size quilt.
 Sewing on the king size quilt:
 The blocks are HUGE!
Enough to make you go just a little crazy! 
(I love my sister....)
But that craziness paid off.....beautiful!
The beginnings of Des's pretty little baskets...
 Progress!  (love that little pink one)
Julia worked so hard on these beautiful orange peel blocks.
She used a charm pack of pretties.
It's SO beautiful!  Nice job, Julia.
My friend, Carol, worked the entire time on these amazing "T", square-in-a-square blocks.
I don't know that I could have stayed with it that long - I get easily distracted.
But, look at the result!
 Shelto is an incredible designer. 
She designed this T-shirt quilt as a "thank-you" for a teacher of her daughter's. 
It's beyond amazing! 
 We offered a doll exchange and they were beyond cuteness!
 Des's Maverick Stars...
Trimming 1/2 squares - not my favorite thing to do but it's worth it...
 Super cool quilt, Emily! 
LOVE that orange pinwheel just thrown in.
I brought a lot of little things that just needed finishing and one of them was my pretty "Single Girl". 
I sewed the binding on for hand finishing.
I'm so happy with this quilt...I'll blog more about it later.
I added a few more string blocks to my pile - it's starting to look great!
Did you notice this design wall made of sheets of metal?
We're using magnets to hold everything up.
At the end of the day....with my friends.
 I loved every single minute of this retreat - thank you, my friends, for the laughter, talents and love you shared for a few short days.
Until next year....xxoo