Monday, May 1

whales and magic and stars...

My friend, Martha, from Missouri, made two quilts for her grandkids.
They are both so whimsical and perfect for little ones.
The "boy" quilt is created with just the right fabric collection, "Kujira & Star"'s a Cotton & Steel design. 
You can find it here, at 
I love how Martha created these large 1/2 square blocks and used the colors to make the center star.
Then to add to the charm of the quilt, she appliqued a whale in the center along with the name of the collection and the message that was printed on the selvage. 
(I love how the Cotton & Steel designers write messages on their selvages).
I quilted bubbles in the outer border and waves throughout the entire quilt.
In the center star I quilted straight lines on the star points and quilted a water design around the whale.

The next "girl" quilt is from one of my favorite lines of fabric, ever....."Magic" by Sarah Jane
You can find it here, too.
I think every little girl needs a quilt out of this line -
 it truly is magical.
I outlined the dragons and unicorns and kids playing in the top & bottom border prints.
The center star was quilted with straight line quilting so it would stand out with it's messages in the center.
I quilted the rest of the quilt with pretty swirls.
I tell you what - I felt like I had been transformed into another world while I was quilting them.
And if that isn't enough......look what she pieced for the back of both quilts!
Another one of my favorite lines, "Thicket". 
Oh, how I love these little woodland creatures.
You can find some of the pieces from this line here,
at the Fat Quarter Shop.
I wish I had better photos of the entire quilt, but I didn't have a place large enough and I was standing on the piano bench just to get a better shot and these are 90" square quilts.
Makes me want to start piecing some "magical" quilts for the little people in my life.
Beautiful work - Martha.

Monday, April 17

Hearts and Plus quilts

Allison, of Cluck Cluck Sew, made this very pretty heart quilt.
You can make one, too, from her free tutorial found here.
She's always so generous with her patterns. 
I've seen this pattern created over and over.
She asked me to quilt hers - I love her color choices - so I quilted pretty all-over concentric swirls.
The hearts are all  reds and pinkish, with an
aqua sashing  - oooooh so lovely.
Here is her blog post about making "All the Hearts".
Her backing is the perfect choice.
She also posted about her mom making this
pretty "Simple Addition" quilt.
You can purchase the pattern here in Allison's shop.
She used all florals and a few "plus" prints.
I quilted a loose swirl because she has this
snuggly minky on the back.
So, so pretty and feminine.
Thank you - both of you - for letting me quilt your lovelies.
You inspire me....

Saturday, March 11

Steam Punk beauty

My friend from Idaho, Domini, made this beautiful
"Steam Punk" quilt.
I've had my little eye on this pattern for some time and after seeing her quilt in "real life" I decided to purchase it
along with the templates.
It's a Jen Kingwell design.
 I'm in love with anything she creates.
I want to hang out with Jen Kingwell - one day I will....
You can purchase the pattern and templates
This is a photo before I started quilting.
Domini uses wool batting in most of her quilts.
It makes them so soft and drape-y.
I love her color selection.
I outlined the spokes and centers then
pebbled the background.
I didn't want to detract from her piecing.
Then she chooses this for the backing.....
oh, how I love this print!
Beautiful - so beautiful!
Notice how some of her blocks are "floating" and some of them have their own background. 
I'm going to steal that idea!
I need to get started on mine, but I haven't picked out my fabrics yet.
Thank you, Domini, for the inspiration.
I love it!


Sunday, February 19

Hello fabric line

Allison, of Cluck Cluck Sew, asked me to quilt this cute quilt made out of her newest fabric line, "Hello Jane". 
Cascade Quilt Pattern in Hello Jane
Jane is her little girl.
While Allison was in the hospital welcoming Jane into the world, she was still adding the finishing touches to this adorable fabric line.
You can read more about this quilt/pattern
She's so smart - naming the fabric line after
her pretty little one.
This is just one of her new patterns. 
AND - she's offering a discount on her patterns by using the code:  Hellojane
Just go to her pattern shop here.
I had such fun quilting her "Cascade" quilt.
Allison usually let's me pick the quilting design, so I quilted
 ity bity loops on the white background
and large "L's" inside the diamonds.
Don't you just love the purple fabrics she introduced
in this line?
I have very little purple in my stash of fabric.
 I need to start adding more!
 Allison also made a crib size with just the purples.....
for Miss Jane.
Cascade Quilt Pattern in Hello Jane Fabrics
Is she about the cutest in those ruffle bum pants?
Thank you, Allison, for creating such fun, pretty
fabrics for all of us.
This line comes out in May, but it's listed in several online shops now so you can be notified when it arrives.
Spring is just around the corner - I can feel it with these pretty prints!

Wednesday, February 8

hearts & baby love....

Vicky, from the UK, made these adorable quilts and sent them to me to quilt.
She made this sweet heart quilt using Allison's, of Cluck Cluck Sew, Heart block tutorial, found here.
It's a bed size - I love all the pretty pastels she used.
I quilted a simple feather in each heart and looped the background.
Is this backing a perfect choice?
Vicky and her sister also made this sweet triangle quilt for their other sister's new baby, Miss Rose.
I quilted straight lines going the opposite direction  in every other triangle.
 I wish I had a bed size quilt just like this.
The backing, again, is flamingos!

 All bound & ready to be snuggled under.
Vicky is such a dear - she knows I love pin cushions and sent me this one.....from.....wait for it....Liberty of London.

  The real Liberty of London London!  I was beyond happy.  Their prints are incredibly pretty. 
 Thank you so very much. 
Sending love from across the ocean.

Sunday, January 22

my son's Quilt of Valor...

My oldest son, Riley, served 16 years in the
US Marine Corps.
He started his military career as a light armored
vehicle operator.
He ended his career as a Communications Officer.
He loves the Marine Corps - once a Marine, always a Marine.
It was time to make his Quilt of Valor.
I contacted his girlfriend, Des, and asked if she could steal collect some of his patches from his uniforms so I could sew them into his quilt. 
I wanted it to be a secret so she told him the kids needed some for a school project - brilliant! 
Thanks, Des.
This is what I came up with:
When Riley & his kids were visiting at Christmas
I gave it to him. 
He was so surprised!
He recognized the patches right away and got a little emotional thinking about the time he wore those uniforms with those patches in Iraq. 
Then he slept under his quilt along with those memories.
Not only are Quilts of Valor healing, but they bring back a lot of memories for the veterans.
He loved it.
It was my honor to make it for you, son.
Thank you for your service and the love you have for
this country.
I love you...

Saturday, January 14

post Christmas....

My son, Riley, & his kids were here for almost a week during Christmas break.
I only get to see them about once a year so we
 pack in the fun!
We played on the frozen Ennis are Elli & Amy "fake" skating - so beautiful...
We go on a hike every New Year's Eve - it's a tradition now...
We take the same picture on the same log every year - it was so dang cold this year!
While my grandson, Adam, serenades us on the guitar, the two girls and I went for a stroll through my fabric stash. 
(is he so cute???)
They wanted to make their very first quilt and we had plenty of indoor time.
I dumped my stash on the living room floor and the
color sorting began!
Amy got a little bored with the whole thing so she took some time out to go up the hill behind our home on the 4-wheeler....she's a tough one, that Amy! 
(she said this is her tough face) 
She did get her blocks cut out....maybe grandma will finish it?
 Elli stuck with the whole quilt making thing....
she loves using my Janome, especially the button that cuts the thread.
This girl - she worked non-stop on her quilt for 3 days - she even quilted it herself on my BIG machine! 
She said it was a bit intimidating, but she's always
up for a challenge. 
She quilted all-over loops and signed her name in a corner.
All finished - she never let go!  It's so pretty.
I love her color choices.
 The last photo of this wonderful crew before they headed home - oh, how I love you all....