Sunday, October 4

retreat post #2 - the

I know a quilt retreat is all about the quilt tops being sewn, the chatter, new friendships, the silly games, the "sing-along" music, and more sewing.
But, I just have to post about the food - oh. my. goodness! 
Des, of Quilt Taffy, nailed it on the menu!
Here she is - she spent a LOT of time in front of that oven!
Here we go.....
We had beautiful seasonal fruit at every meal.....watermelon is one of my favorites!
Grilled pizzas.  One was all roasted veggies and the other was caramelized onions with prosciutto.
 Corrie, of Quilt Taffy, always seemed to be cracking eggs....dozens of them!
Mmmm - breakfast sandwiches with red potatos, sausage patties and fruit.  (recipe here)
Bagel bites....

My sister, LeAnn, showed us how to make these scrumptious bites - she's brushing them with butter...

She rolled out the dough then cut them into bites.
 Cute Lynette cutting little "x's" on each bagel bite!
And Des, our master chef, pulling them out of the oven....
I can still smell them!
 This was probably my favorite meal.....
so pretty, all lined up!
Red pears - extra pretty!
I'm a salad eating girl!
This was a chicken salad and an orzo salad.
(recipes here - Chicken salad - Orzo salad)
We ate our evening meals outside under umbrellas.
I felt so spoiled!

 I know I posted about the chocolate mint brownies earlier, but they're worth posting again, and again!
Clean up after each meal is a *snap* when everyone helps! 
Thank you, everyone!
Thank you, Des, you are FANTASTIC!!!

My next post will be about the projects we sewed up - I promise!

Monday, September 28

Craft Taffy retreat - what a treat!

Corrie & Des, at Quilt Taffy, hosted a retreat in beautiful McCall, ID last week. 
I was so lucky to get to stay the entire week! 
(I was teaching a Lone Star class)
Here are just a few photos that I captured....sit back & enjoy the tour!
The theme was "Starry, Starry, Night"...
(You can purchase these beautiful stars here.)
These words greeted the guests on the window...
We had Lone Star quilts hanging on the banister for the guests to see as they arrived.
Every sewing station was personalized...
Each bed space had these beautiful goodies waiting for them...
The "starry" lights were everywhere and these ginger caramels that Corrie made didn't last very long - sooooo delicious!
Each guest received a schedule and these cute numbered pins which are so handy for every project!
Cute, cute decorations - love this paper "dot" swag!
As the guests finish a project, it's hung on the banister for display - a vintage sheet quilt of Shelto's.
Layers of mint chocolate incredibly delicious!  Thanks, Des - you're the Master Chef!
Guests bring piles and piles of potential quilt tops! 
 Pin cushions - organized by color!
My cute pin cushion & tape measure (thank you, Vicky & Sally) - see the pink umbrellas in the background? 
That's where we ate our dinners outside - so lovely!
This post was all about getting settled in to our "new" surroundings.....there's more, oh, so much more, to come!

Monday, September 14

Sandy & Sweetwater & Stars

My Colorado friend, Sandy, made a real stunner of a star quilt:
I wish I knew the story behind the design - notice how some of the star points are floating off...
This is the back - Sandy usually has about as much piecing on the back as the front!
The quilting really stands out on this beauty. 
I swirled the background and straight-lined the stars.
 I absolutely love this "Feed Company" line of fabric by Sweetwater
 Script fabrics are always a favorite of mine and this line has recipes printed on it. 
Real recipes you can use....biscuits, pie, cookies...
 Notice Sandy's personal label with her name printed on it?  (lower right) 
Sweetwater will do that for you!  You can order it here.
Sandy usually gives her quilts away.
But, she finished this amazing civil war print sampler just for herself.
Every block is a different pattern.
I quilted straight lines in each block which resulted in an
all-over grid.
The borders got some other treatments.
Thanks, Sandy, for letting me quilt your beautiful quilts. 
It's always a treat!

Monday, September 7

amazing Anitra!

My California friend, Anitra, truly is amazing.
I always get multiple quilts to quilt from her - I don't know how she has the time to get so many finished!
Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite drink, relax and enjoy the show!
I promise it's a color explosion!
Beautiful Kaffe Fassett stripe fabrics.
A close-up of the loop quilting.
This one reminds me of sea glass so I quilted beautiful elongated swirls & bubbles.
Log Cabin Beads out of Kaffe fabrics.
Perfect backing for the beads quilt.
More solids - SO many 1/2 squares!
back 'n forth quilting... 
Another beautiful backing!
I love this one - it's Anitra's Easter quilt.
Over 100 crosses...
Each cross is quilted different.
This is the label for the Easter quilt - on the center back.
Pretty Kaffe binding.
Anitra named this one, "Valori & Kaffe Go Out to Play"....I love it! 
She's mixed Kaffe & Valori Wells fabrics...
So many tiny pieces...
Backing for Valori & Kaffe - I think they would both be happy with the results!
A cute Christmas scrappy Trip - I started cutting/collecting Christmas 2.5" strips because I want one of these, too!
All finished and ready to be snuggled under!
 Thank you, Anitra - you have some serious skills! 
I love your style!