Tuesday, September 10


OCTOBER 10th is the cut off date for 
 Christmas return. 

Please ship your quilts by October 10th to insure a December 20th return.

Please let me know your quilts are coming my way so I can log them into my schedule.

Can you believe the holiday's are upon us?

Here we go!

Monday, August 26

"To The Point"

I finally finished my sweet "To The Point" quilt I started about......oh.....3 years ago.

I seem to start a quilt, put it away, start another quilt, put that one away....and on and on.
I started this one a few years ago at a retreat and 
must have gotten distracted.
Each year I brought it to that same retreat and worked 
on it in little spurts.
I was determined to finish it at the last spring retreat.  
I'm so glad I did.  
I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

I used Allison's fabric line, "Hazel".  
Love her fabrics!
You can find her patterns here at Cluck Cluck Sew.  
Love her patterns!
I wanted to remember the fabric line so I added a piece of the selvage with that information to my label -- a leftover block.

I straight line quilted it - random widths between each line.

My pretty wildflowers are in full bloom - I couldn't resist a photograph with them.

I could use this sweet quilt for a picnic quilt, but I don't want to spill anything on it so it's just hanging out with my flowerbed.

I would make this quilt again - which I rarely do - but it turned out so cute and was fun.
So in about 3 years you might see another one on my blog!

Monday, July 29

Orange Peel quilt

A friend of mine was having a baby this summer.
They did not want to know the gender of the baby, so they had picked out a couple of names for 
either a boy or girl.
As we were talking about babies and such, I was hand appliqueing some orange, orange peels blocks together for a quilt of mine.  
She fell in love with the blocks and said, "If we have a little girl we're naming her Clementine."  
I thought the orange peel blocks would be perfect for a little girl named Clementine!
Well, sure enough, they had little Miss Clementine.  
I put together a few orange peel blocks for her baby quilt and this is the result...

I quilted a double bubble design and used a sweet flannel backing.

Welcome the this crazy wonderful world, Miss Clementine.

I used this template from Missouri Star Quilt Company for the orange peel shapes.
My background low volume squares are 
cut 6" - finishing at 5 1/2".  
I set the blocks 6 x 6 with the quilt finishing at 33" x 33".

Monday, July 1

Lynn's quilts

Lynn, from Colorado, spoke to my quilting heart with these amazing quilts she created.
I love her modern quilting style!
She is crazy talented when it comes to matching 
color and design.
This is her "Bullseye" quilt - all hand appliqued. 

I quilted a simple all-over swirl pattern.

This next quilt is an Aztec type quilt.  
The detail in the piecing is nothing short of mind blowing!

I quilted a lot of straight lines following the piecing angles.  
It's pretty much a symmetrical quilt but the colors are the opposite on each side.

This one is a Carolyn Friedlander design called, "Botanics".  
You can find the pattern here.

I quilted tiny swirls in the background and something different in the applique in order for it to stand out.  
I love the simplicity of the applique shapes.

Lynn, I love your style.  
It was such fun to quilt for you!  
Thank you for sharing your photographs of your beautiful quilts with us.

Wednesday, June 12

A Graduation quilt...

Beth, from Montana, created this quilt for her son's graduation. 
It's nothing short of amazing.
Truly, amazing.
Her son and his team created this plot and topographical chart for his Master's degree.

So, being the incredible mom she is, 
Beth turned this chart into a quilt.

Every single plot from the chart was recreated into a small rectangle with the exact colors and shapes within each plot.  It was fun to compare the chart and quilt side by side.  
On the outside of the chart were topographical areas.

Beth printed off a chart for me to study so I could quilt as close as possible to the topographical lines on the outside borders of the quilt.
I stippled the entire center.

It was a bit challenging, but my water soluble marker and my quilting machine made it possible.
I love how it all came together.

It's hard to capture just how incredible this quilt is and the thought process that went into it.
This is truly a mother's love of her son and his accomplishment.
Congratulations goes out to her son on his graduation!

Saturday, May 11

Julie's quilts

Julie, from California, makes the sweetest quilts.

I LOVE this calendar quilt from Sweetwater.

Here is their lovely website.  
You can get all sorts of iron-on labels.
They are an amazing company.

She let me quilt what I wanted on it and it was
 oh, so much fun!
In the stars I echoed triangles inside the points and did a curvy design in the star blocks.

I tried to highlight each month name with minimal quilting.
(my favorite month - my birthday month)
Julie embroidered on top of the labels so they stood out - so dang cute!

Her backing is a sweet peachy yellow print that really shows off the quilting.

She had some left over fabrics so she pieced them 
into the backing.

The Sweetwater prints are all just darling.

..... thank you for letting me "play" on it.

Tuesday, April 30

Traci's quilts

My friend, Traci - from Montana, created this sweet quilt.
She made the adorable "Village" quilt and you can find the pattern here.
I love everything about this quilt - her background color is so pretty and her houses are adorable.
I quilted an all-over simple single parallel wave.  
It seems to give it some movement.

Her backing is so fun - she had a couple of extra blocks she sewed in the middle.

 I love how she fussy cut some words to include in her windows and doors.

So darn cute, Traci.  Thank you for sharing it with us.