Thursday, March 5

broken heart quilt

A dear friend of mine recently lost her son.  
My heart hurts so badly for her.
We have sons' the same age so as a mom I have been at a loss for words.
I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't know how.
I would bring her a casserole, but we live 2,500 miles apart.
I wanted to go for a long walk with her, but couldn't.
I wanted to sit with her and let her scream and cry and pound her fists and throw things, but again, I couldn't.
But what I can do is make her a quilt. 

That's what we, as quilt makers, do to comfort 
the people we love.
I made her a heart quilt.

She calls it her "Broken Heart" quilt - because her heart is broken.
She can snuggle with it when she feels the need for a hug.
She can scream into it when she feels the 
anger enveloping her.
She can throw it when she wishes she could 
toss the pain away.
She can punch it when she feels like hurting something.
But, it will always be there to comfort her 
when she needs love.
I hugged the quilt before I sent it - and I might have 
shed a few tears on this quilt, too.

I love you, my friend.....

The pattern is from the Buggy Barn book, "Gone Crazy", called, "Heather".

Tuesday, January 21

Keep it Simple

My friend, Sherri - from Alaska, keeps her quilts simple.
I love simple.
I need to make more simple quilts instead of thinking I need to make every quilt with a certain degree of difficulty in order to make it count for something......
I don't even know what that "something" is!
Here are some of her quilts I quilted recently.
Quarter Square triangles are always so striking to me.

Simplicity shows off the fabrics, too.
Sherri used some of her Denyse Schmidt prints 
for this beauty.

How about a simple half square triangle quilt?
I quilted single waves - edge to edge.

I absolutely LOVE this egg cup backing print. 

 Sixty degree triangle quilts are at the top of 
my "favorites" list - always.
I quilted a stipple design on this beauty.

I could live with an entire bolt of this
 Kaffe Fassett backing fabric.  
It's so bright and makes me happy.

Two of Sherri's Kaffe Fassett quilts.

You always make the best use of your beautiful fabrics.  
Thank you for the inspiration.

Monday, December 23

Merry Christmas....

I just finished my last customer Christmas quilt and sent it off.
I have the best customers.

(my Christmas Scrappy Trees)

You send me such beautiful quilts to work on.

(my simple Christmas table runner)

You are all so passionate about this wonderful craft and I feel privileged that you would ask me to add my "magic" to these works of art.

(my Christmas Scrappy Trip)

I absolutely love what I get to do every day.

(my Christmas Fig Tree Metro Rings)

You inspire me. 

(my Grinch)

At times is causes me to go shopping for MORE quilt projects, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

(my Swell Christmas Metro Rings)

My stockings are finally hung and I'm ready for family to come.

(stockings I made for my daughters family)

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and get to spend some relaxing time with friends and family.

Sunday, December 8

Sarah's Golden Days

I am such a fan of anything Jen Kingwell creates.  
I have loads of her patterns and loads of her fabrics......all just waiting for me to dive in and create beautiful quilts.

My friend, Sarah - from Idaho, follows through with her love of everything Jen Kingwell and finishes beautiful quilts so she can sleep under them and snuggle under them.  
I don't know how she does it - she works as a nurse and has two rambunctious little boys at home.
I seem to be the dreamer and she seems to be the doer!
Here is her "Golden Days" quilt that I was fortunate enough to custom quilt for her.

Her workmanship is incredibly beautiful.  
I only dream (see - dreamer) of being able to 
applique like Sarah.

These blocks are all so different from each other and yet they pair together beautifully.
Sarah used a variety of Jen's fabrics with a few Kaffe's in there as well.

Her backing is one of my favorite pieces - so bright and cheerful.  
Sarah added a few left-over blocks down the center of her backing - I love that!

I don't have space enough to take a photo of the entire quilt.  It's stunning!

You can find the pattern and templates several places - here's a link to Amazon.

For now, I live vicariously through Sarah's beautiful piecework.
And my basket-o-Jen's-fabrics will still be waiting patiently for my attention.

Thursday, October 24

Metro Rings class....

Recently I was asked to teach a class at an adorable quilt shop in Lewisville, Idaho, out in the country, away from the crowds with cows watching through the fencing. 
A destination shop where people come to gather and chit chat and touch fabric and choose their next quilt project.
It was at "Olie and Evie's" shop.....owned and operated by Rhonda Walker.
The classroom is sunny, warm, inviting and a very happy place to hang out and create.
Thank you, Rhonda, for creating this space for us.

Rhonda and I settled on the "Metro Rings" quilt 

You can find this pattern and more here on their website.
We started from here:

And eventually got to this point:

There were a total of 24 students over the course of two 
days - it was busy!
They came from Utah, Washington, Oregon, Montana 
and Idaho.

Every single set of blocks reflected the personalities 
of the ladies.

We had fabric themes ranging from Halloween and Christmas to camping, farming, vintage, modern, batik and everything in between.  

 Thank you, Rhonda, for having design walls for us to play with our blocks. 

So many options on the block settings - this one has a modern feel with the one direction.

This setting is an "X".

The traditional "circle" setting with modern fabrics:
(I love Shanna's sewing shirt)

This is a masculine color way with grey's and blacks.

This student is experimenting with color placement. 
Half of her rings are red and the other half are blues - they will interlock. 

Happy blocks...

Our goal was to construct four complete blocks.
These are halves.

You all know how I feel about a cute pin cushion - absolutely darling beehive!

Basic Grey always works with a traditional block.

Happy students! 

Very classy colors, Debbie.

Most of the corner triangles were two different prints.

Some corner triangles are the same print.  Lovely.

Hmmmmm - my sister trying to decide on her block setting....she used a linen background.

 Four blocks - DONE!  
This will be a Halloween quilt, by my niece, Ally.

 Blue Feed Sack prints.....sweet.

 Such a happy, bright block.

Love the calming blues & coral colors on this one.

Here is my Downton Abby Metro Rings.
I started it 5 years ago and this class gave me the 
push to finish it.


I can't believe I found this perfect backing - 
the Downton Abby castle.

My finished "Swell Christmas" by Zen Chick quilt. 
(There should be snow on the ground...)

 This photo was taken in my yard......

...with the local long horns girls watching.....across the street.
I love Montana.

Thank you, Rhonda, Olie and Evie and beautiful ladies for spending the day with me sewing, giggling, chatting 
and just having fun.
I had a great time.....hope to see you all again soon.

On a side note.....if you were asking for the popcorn recipe Marjean brought to you go:
one bag of microwave popcorn, popped
Melt some white chocolate melts and poor over the popcorn.
Spread the popcorn on parchment paper and lightly sprinkle with some kosher salt - let cool and eat!