Sunday, July 26

fishy baby quilt...

Sarah - of Rhode Island - asked me to quilt this darling baby quilt for her little one.
I love the simplicity of it!
She wanted random size bubbles all over.
Perfect choice!
 I also quilted simple little fish scales on the fish...
I added a cute scrappy orange binding on the front so Sarah could hand stitch it to the back.  
Happy baby - happy quilt!
Thank you, Sarah!  It's darling!

Saturday, July 18

Project bags, by Shauna!

My friend, Shauna - a fellow Montanian - makes these adorable project bags.
I have LOTS of them.
I need even MORE of them!
I have a pattern to make my own...but why would I do that when I have Shauna in my life?
She makes large ones and small ones.
The large ones are about 16" square and sell for $15.
The small ones are about 8" square and sell for $10.
Here are just a few of my "future" projects:
A Queen size Lone Star from my stash...
See how my charm pack fits so nice & snug with its template?
Shauna will make you some, too!
Just shoot her an email here.
They are very well made....she used pretty fabrics and matching zippers, then adds a ribbon pull in the zipper.
An American Jane jelly roll pattern along with the jelly roll, binding fabric, background fabric and Thangles.
See how much you can stuff fit inside?
An opened jelly roll doesn't EXPLODE inside a project bag!
And the little jelly roll fuzzies (you know what I'm talking about) remain contained!
Parts, lots and lots of parts! 
My Cluck Cluck Sew, "To the Point" pattern with fabrics cut & ready to sew up!
There's a DS jelly roll tucked under that "Single Girl" pattern just waiting for me to unleash it!
Shauna also makes these adorable little coin pouches.
They're made out of cute vinyl fabrics - very sturdy.
Contact her if you'd like to own some of these!
I love mine - thank you, Shauna!
You've completely organized my quilting life for me!

Thursday, July 9

Two to Tango....

Laura, from Washington, made two "Tango" quilts.
One was for a birthday and the other was for her to hang on her wall.
They're both so different from each other and I love them both!
It's a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern that you can purchase here.
This is the one Laura will hang on her wall - it has a lot of white in it which makes some of the blocks appear to be floating - I love it.
 I quilted a pretty all-over swirl on this one.
Soft & feminine.
 Here is her son's birthday Tango.
It's more scrappy looking with fantastic colors!
 I quilted an all-over large stipple with random swirls
thrown in.
I have plans for my own "Tango".

I'm going to use all my favorite colors.....aqua, yellow, orange, lime green, and pink.

Thank you, Laura, for inspiring me to pull my "Tango" out and get cutting!
Your quilts are wonderful!

Monday, July 6

Bali baskets.....

My very good friend, Sherri, from Alaska, sent me some beautiful handmade baskets from Bali.
The different villages in Bali are known for different handiwork.
Some are known for jewelry making, some for wood carving, and some for basket making.
They start with bamboo...
They pull the bamboo strip through a bottle cap that has holes made in it with a certain size nail.
This is "quality control" so that the strips are all the same size. 
They start weaving.
Sherri is getting instructions from her friend, the basket maker.
Sherri loved every single minute of the process.

A very technical process!
Smoking them creates the lovely color, which comes after the basket is made, in the huge ovens.
When I opened my package I could smell the smokiness of the baskets - mmmmm!
Such a beautiful craft.  
I keep my thimble collection in the smallest basket.
These are little gift cards my friend, Kathy, from Kathy's Cottage made for me.
I keep them in my hexagon shaped basket.
 I have a couple of my very small pin cushions and a tape measure in the largest basket. 
(My friends, Sally & Vicky, from England gave me the floral pin cushion & matching tape measure - so cute!)
So beautiful - thank you, my dear friend.  I love them.


Friday, July 3

Happy 4th of July.....

My beautiful 48-star flag....I sent it to my Marine Corps Veteran son, Riley.

Monday, June 29

pretty - pretty - pretty....Allyn's quilt

Allyn, from Massachusetts, sent this absolutely gorgeous appliqued quilt top.
She had already quilted the applique blocks by hand
and wanted me to quilt the setting, side, and corner triangles along with the outer borders. 
I must admit - I was a lot bit intimidated by its beauty and her hand work.
Her applique is near perfection and the hand quilting matches it.
I did not want to detract from its beauty.
I suggested a pretty "fleur" design to compliment and frame the quilt. 
It was delightful to quilt....
(I love the petals on these daisy flowers) 
Allyn travels/lives on a boat most of the time, so during her travels she worked on the applique blocks.
As she finished each block she documented the date and city/state she was traveling through.
 The back is this pretty tone-on-tone floral - perfect.
She chose a pretty red fabric for the binding - Allyn will do the handwork.
I wish you could see these gorgeous blocks up close - my photography does NOT do it justice.
Thank you, Allyn, for letting me see, touch, and work on this beauty.
Safe travels this year!
(I wonder what she's working on now.....stay tuned!)

Tuesday, June 23

Amelyn's quilt

Amelyn, from California, sent me this beautiful quarter square triangle quilt for quilting. 
It was a quilt she had seen on Lee Heinrich's blog, "Freshly Pieced" 
I love everything about it.

The top is made of the fabric line, "Far, Far Away 2" by Heather Ross, linen weave.
It's one of those fabric lines that should not be cut up, too much. 
That way you get to see just how adorable they are.
Amelyn chose a chambray shirting for the backing - so soft!
The binding is the same chambray.
She wanted wool batting so I used my Dream (yes, it's dreamy) wool and quilted an all-over large swirl.
Amelyn did a beautiful job piecing this beauty - she said she started it over 3 years ago - does that sound familiar to anyone?
Not me - ever! (ha!)
Thank you for letting me quilt this beauty - it's on my list of pretty quilts to piece.
 All bound & ready to curl up in...