Monday, April 30

Kate's quilt....

A Montana customer of mine, Kate, made this beautiful 
quilt for her mom.
The pattern is a free layer cake quilt pattern designed by April Rosenthal, called, "Moda Love".....found here.

I quilted an all over floral, paisley, feathery design. 

 I absolutely love this backing fabric.

This is the center star.  
Kate placed the colored fabrics all around this center.

This is probably my favorite print in the quilt - but, 
they're all fabulous!

Kate chose the perfect binding - a black & grey gingham.

This is Kate's second quilt - I tell you what.....she already has some serious skills!

She packed up this quilt along with her adorable little twins and hauled a horse trailer all the way to California so she could deliver this quilt (and the horse trailer) to her mom.  
That's love.....
Thank you, Kate, for trusting me with this beautiful quilt.  
I'm sure we'll be seeing many more quilts in your future.

Thursday, April 12

Carol's quilts

My friend, Carol - from Montana, is always creating 
such fun quilts.
She has some pretty serious skills when it comes 
to quilt making.
Here are a few lovelies she recently made...
This is one of my favorites - I especially love the 
low volume backgrounds.

 I straight lined her "X's" and swirled the background.
I believe all quilts look fabulous with a black 'n white 
stripe binding.

Carol made an entire quilt out of these blocks - "Nesting Churn-dash" - this is a pillow she made to go with it.  
Churn-dash is my favorite block - I was tempted to 
keep this pillow...

I wish I had a better photo of this little quilt.  
She used a border print for both sides of 
these very cool pieced blocks.

Here is the right side of the border print - I love it!

I quilted wavy lines with a "wood knot" every so often through the border print.

LOVE these chickens!  
Carol said this is one of her favorite quilts.  
I can see why.

I absolutely love this backing.  
I need at least a bolt of it!  
You can get it from Hawthorne Threads.  
It's from the Pastel Thrift line here.

I think this sweet little boxy quilt is so sweet - prints are 
from Sweetwater.  
I quilted a single wavy line from edge to edge.  
Carol uses the best backings on her quilts, too.

 I still love a masculine woven fabric quilt.  
Carol made this one for her son-in-law. 

 It's a very simple quilt and yet so appealing.  
I cross-hatched the entire quilt.

I quilted "wish bones" in the outer border.  
Carol used a luscious flannel for the backing.

Carol - you're an amazing quilter and a wonderful friend.
I only wish I could keep up with you and your quilts!
Thanks for always trusting me with your beauties.

Tuesday, March 27

Shari's Wallflowers

My friend, Shari, in New Jersey, made this beautiful "Wallflowers" quilt.
You can find this pattern of Allison's at her website,
"Cluck, Cluck Sew"....right here.
It's on my very long list of quilt patterns to make.
The blocks finish at 20" so they really show off your prints.
Shari used a variety of Denyse Schmidt prints.
She knows I love Denyse Schmidt prints, too, so it is always delightful to quilt on these.
Here are some close-ups of her blocks....Shari did such a great job combining the prints.
Here's the backing - a sweet DS print...
I quilted a straight line pattern in each wallflower and did a swirl/pebble combination in the background.
So lovely - thank you, Shari.

Wednesday, March 14

Amy's Single Girl

My friend, Amy - from Idaho, made one of the cutest
"Single Girl" quilts I've ever seen.
She really went all out with the pink - I love it!
She used all Cotton & Steel "Trinket" fabrics.
You can find the Denyse Schmidt pattern,
Amy wanted cinnamon rolls for the quilting design.
I think it's perfect because of the circular pattern of her quilt.
She also used wool batting - so delicious! 
Do you love this backing? 
Makes me smile!
I have made one "Single Girl" quilt
and I now I want to make about 5 more!
This is mine.
I think every girl needs a very pink quilt.
It's so lovely, Amy, thank you for letting me quilt it.

Thursday, March 1

Domini's quilt....

My friend, Domini, from Idaho, sent me this stunning king size quilt to quilt.
I love it so much.
She created sections of color going in a diagonal direction.
Most of her fabrics were Anna Maria Horner's prints...
 so beautiful.
Look at that backing, "Summer Totem", - perfect.
I quilted diagonal straight lines going the same direction her piecing is going.
Domini wanted minimal quilting because it's a summer quilt and she used wool batting.
 I wish I had an area large enough to show the entire quilt - it's so amazing.
 Thank you, Domini, for letting me quilt this beauty!

Sunday, February 11

Kindergarten Monsters.....

My friend, Marjean - from Idaho, saved some pretty special drawings her grandson drew when he was in Kindergarten.
She wanted to create a quilt with them - so she did!
Marjean is so creative! 
She took those drawings and cut chunky pieces of fabric to re-create the monsters.
Here are the original drawings:
He's older now and to see these drawings return in a quilt just for him, is priceless.
He remembers drawing them and now he gets to snuggle with them.
I had such fun quilting this quilt. 
I changed thread color a bazillion times.
I used the shape of the monsters to create the quilting designs.
Here's a better photo in the sunlight to show the quilting - see how much fun I had!
Each monster has a bunch of spikes - that's serious business!
 A "before quilting" photo....
After the quilting photo.
This little guy has an amazing amount of talent, too. 

Each monster has a completely different personality.
I love the gold spikes on this egg-head one.
Monster pencils.....maybe?
What a darling label....
Truly a gift from the heart - from grandson to grandma and back to grandson again.
Thank you for letting me add to this precious creation.

Friday, January 26

Dwight the Deer

I love Dwight the Deer.....
He's an Elizabeth Hartman design.
You can find him here at Fabric Worm. 
(I love this online shop).
You can find the arrows, "Pointy" here,
at Elizabeth's online shop.
I know you can find him several other places...
 just Google them.
I had to take some photos here in Montana before
I sent it to Michigan. 
It's still snowy here.
He's just hanging out in our wood pile.
For the backing I had a couple of flannel pieces I had been saving - just right for a baby quilt.
I made this quilt for a little guy, Carter,
born just last week, in Michigan.
I asked the family what colors his bedroom was.
My sister-in-law said, "blue & grey & a little brown".
I went to work, cutting & sewing.
This is how it all came together - perfectly!
Welcome to this amazing world, little one.