Monday, February 8

my LOVE-ly quilts...

I started this pretty quilt about 3 years ago.

I had an entire bolt of this Valori Wells linen fabric and wanted to show it off.

This pattern of Allison's seemed the perfect choice for it.
It's a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern called "Ring Toss", but I'm calling it my hugs or kisses quilt. 

I can never remember which is which - are the "o's" the hugs or kisses?
Or maybe the "x's" are the hugs - your arms are wrapped around...?
But, your mouth is an "o" when you me out here!
Either way - it's my LOVE quilt.....
Because I had an entire bolt and it was 54" wide, it only made sense to use it for the backing, too.
 I quilted large loop-d-loops all over.
I made this cute little quilt for my neighbor's new
little Miss Ruby.
It's the Buggy Barn pattern, Heather, that I've used
over and over.
It starts out like this....
...and ends up like this...
You can find the pattern in the book, "Gone Crazy", here.

I inserted a little "P.S. I love you" label into the
binding on the front.
You can find them here.
The backing is flannel - and I made a scrappy binding.

 I quilted large loop-d-loops on this one, too. 
Here's the quilt hanger helper guy.....I "heart" him.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. 
I hope you all have a "love" in your life.

(my folded book heart from my friend,

Tuesday, February 2

Domini's feather quilt...

Domini, from Idaho, made this truly amazing quilt. 
As she started piecing, it became larger and larger. 
It ended up 110" x 110".
It's one of those quilts that just needed a very simple quilting design. 
This quilt is all about the piece work - not the quilting, so I quilted an all-over stipple. 
I kept it simple because I wanted to piecing to shine - and it does! 
I LOVE these feathers!
Domini chose wool batting - such a snuggler!
Thank you, Domini - it's an amazing quilt!

Wednesday, January 20

Shari's Sew Kind of Wonderful Sampler...

My friend, Shari, from New Jersey, made this amazingly beautiful Sew Kind of Wonderful sampler.
You can find the pattern, Curve It Up, here.
Shari used a Cotton & Steel line of fabrics.

Here are some close-ups of the blocks:
I tell you what - it was SO much fun quilting this quilt!
I quilted a soft swirl in the white background areas.
This allows Shari's blocks to "float".
I love floating blocks!

Mmmmm - so much motion!
I have the Sidekick ruler, created by the nice folks at Sew Kind of Wonderful, which I finally got to use.

A curvy Churn Dash block - my favorite traditional block.

Just a few straight lines....

Concentric circles in the circle block.

I love how Cotton & Steel's designers write a little message on their selvage edges. 
This is Shari's backing:'s my sampler! 
I know - one day I'll have more to show, but for now I just stare at these humble beginnings....
A sweet gift from Shari for me.
Quilter's don't usually get quilted gifts, but Shari outdid herself.

I love my table runner.
Thank you so much, sweet lady.


Thursday, January 7

for the "biker" in him....

My son, Gavin, is a Harley guy.
I asked him if he would consider parting with a few of his t-shirts so I could make a quilt for him.
(he probably has as least one hundred of them!)
So, he sent me his Sturgis shirts.
(Christmas day at our home - kinda messy!)
Gavin is behind his quilt...he's tall!
Here are some close-ups...
He & my hubs have gone to Sturgis, SD, the past 3 years together and had a blast.
I guess that makes us a Harley family!
I loved turning them in to a random setting. 
It's a bit challenging, but oh, so fun!
A sweet friend, LyNet, had made a label quilt and had some Harley Davidson labels left over. 
(thank you, LyNet) 
So, she sent them to me and I added them to
Gavin's quilt. 
They look so great - filled in the empty spaces!
 I really like this "license plate" patch with the label on the side.
I used a red minky for the backing and wool batting.
(guys like puffy quilts)
Here we are, me and my son, "biking" through West Yellowstone - on our way to Sturgis last summer.
It was the vacation of a lifetime for me!
I love you, son.

Wednesday, December 30

A new year wish....

I'd like to wish everyone a SUPER HERO New Year!
I made each of the little kiddos in our lives a super hero cape with their initial on the back.
The girls got pretty fairies on the inside.
The boys got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the inside.
I hope 2016 is a "super" year for everyone!
Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas

I would like to thank you, my customers, friends and fellow quilters, for an amazing 2015 year. 
Together we completed ever 300 quilts.
So much love to snuggle under!
You all inspire me to be a better quilter and person.
Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
(this sweet card was made by my dear quilter friend, Andrea)

Tuesday, December 22

Christmas quilts....

Amanda, from North Carolina, made these two adorable Christmas quilts for her kids.
I love the ity bity prints in this
bright one.
I quilted all-over loops on it.
And these Sweetwater fabrics - where have they been all my life? 
I quilted rows of tall loops.
This is the backing for the Sweetwater one - ity bity reindeer faces among Christmas words.
The back of this one has everything delicious and happy about Christmas.
In the corners Amanda appliqued a single gingerbread boy and a reindeer - perfect.
I love her binding choices - she will do the hand work. 
You're such a good mom! 
Your boys will love them.
These quilts bring,"...good tidings and great joy."