Thursday, December 27

return shipping costs

I am adding a $5.00 return shipping fee on all quilts that I send through the Post Office.

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Those darn Post Office fees just keep going up!

Lot of US Stamps : Stock Photo

Starting in January, 2019, I will add a $5.00 return shipping fee to your invoice.
Thank you for are all the BEST!

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Wednesday, November 28


My friend, Sarah....from Idaho, made this gorgeous quilt, "Delilah", by Jen Kingwell.
It's 65" x 68".

You can find the pattern here at Amazon.
Words cannot even describe just how detailed 
and beautiful this quilt is.
I'm such a fan of anything by designer, Jen Kingwell.  
I have several of her patterns, books and fabrics.
Sarah used at least a gazillion different fabrics in her quilt.  
It was a block of the month program sent all the way from Australia, fabrics and templates included. 
 What fun to receive fabrics from overseas!
Here are some close ups of "Delilah" after I quilted it.

 This is her darling backing.....

Sarah did such a great job with color placement.

I quilted a higher level just because.....
because it deserved it!

This is one of my favorite blocks - tiny little orange peel shapes within the star.

There are lots of curvy pieces - love it!

A close up of at least one of each block within the quilt.  It doesn't get much prettier than this!

Sarah - you have some serious ninja quilting skills! 
Thank you for trusting me with such a beauty......I loved every single minute of quilting it for you.

Saturday, November 17

jelly roll rug class

My friend, Lexie, and I get to teach Adult Education 
classes in the community.
We recently decided to teach the jelly roll rug class.
I thought it was a great idea since I had planned to make one on my own a few months ago. 
I just kept putting it off - a little intimidated to even start.
I plunged right in using the pattern, 
"Jelly Roll Rug", by RJ Designs.  
(You can find it several places but I purchased mine here, at the Fat Quarter Shop.)

My first rug was a bit of a disaster - I only un-sewed it twice!

It curled up into a sombrero - or a very large bowl - or a very pretty dog bed without the cushion!
I was determined to get it right, after all, we were teaching the class in less than 2 weeks!
I finally realized my stitch length was too short - I lengthened it a LOT!
17 bobbins of thread and an entire bottle of spray 
starch later, I have a flat rug!
Finally - success!

We had 8 students for our class - every single rug was different.  
I love teaching - the fabrics & personalities are all different.
Here are several photos of the class.
Christine is using a poke-a-dot jelly roll...

I love how the "rope" falls into a pretty pile.

Roberta is making a sparkly Christmas rug.

Here is her "rope"...

Kathy used a nice natural looking jelly roll...

 Lexie is so fun to work with.  
Here she is giving Carolyn some instruction.

Devona & her daughter had so much fun working on one together.....I love this.
Two hands are always better that one.

Linda & Carolyn - so serious!

Here is Linda's "rope" - the pretty blues.

Tara's first rug is as flat as can be!  
It's so nice.

Here's Tara's finished rug:

Roberta was the first one finished in class with hers. 
she was so happy.

This is Lexie's first rug - she said everyone she knows is getting one for Christmas.
I'm SO glad I'm on her gift list!

My "Jen Kingwell, Gardenvale" rope is
waiting for my attention.
I might just leave it like this for a while - it's so cute.
That's Lexie's next one in the background.
I love her taste in fabrics!

One I made out of yardage for my sister.

 A very good neighbor and friend got this one.
I used some of my Civil War prints - goes perfectly in her vintage home.

And last, but certainly not beautiful "Amy Butler" fabrics rug.
I'm keeping this one.

Thank you, Lexie, for encouraging me and pushing me to finally take the plunge and make one - or five!  
I can't seem to stop! 

Monday, November 5

Christmas quilt return

I am no longer accepting quilts for this season's 
Christmas return.

 I am at my peak turnaround time.
It has been an exceptionally busy quilting year this year - which I love!

Keep quilting, everyone, I love seeing what you are creating and sharing with me.

Saturday, October 27

"Spinners" quilt.....

A customer of mine, Barbara, from Texas, sent me this beautiful quilt for some custom quilting. 

 She wanted level #4 quilting design because she was entering it in the Austin Area Quilt Guild show, found here.  There were 74 entries in her category - 
it was a very large show!

This is how she described this beauty:

 "Wind spinners add charm and fun to outdoor spaces. I imagine walking through a large garden. Around every bend, there is a simple whirlygig or an elaborate colorful 
yard spinner."

This is a closeup of a Friendship block. 
 I swirled the negative space areas then straight-lined, or matchstick quilted, the aqua background area.  All of the 9-patches were stitched in the ditch.

Barbara had several Dresden Plate blocks which 
were fussy cut.  
These were her "spinners".  
I stitched straight lines inside each wedge and 
through each center.  

If you look closely, you will see tiny black embroidery outline stitches around each wedge point on every single 
Dresden Plate block.  

It's such a beautiful additional touch.

 For the outside border, I quilted a pretty feather down the center then match-stick straight lined the surrounding area on both sides.  

 Here are all the elements of this stunning quilt - Dresden Plates in several different sizes, the Friendship stars
 and the 9-patches. 

 This quilt has so much character.
Her piece work was impeccable!  
I loved every single minute of quilting it.  
Thank you, Barbara, for trusting me with this treasure.
Here it is hanging in the show in Austin, TX.

Thursday, September 20

homemade gingham

My little granddaughters, Alayna & Audrey, moved in to their own bedrooms.
They needed some new quilts for their new twin beds.
I'm on it!
They are both very specific about color...
Alayna loves pink.

I quilted in the ditch on both quilts.

Here's the backing of Alayna's - she wanted flowers.
I also made matching pillow cases.

Audrey loves aqua.

They wanted "big" quilts, which translated into adult language is "puffy", so I used polyester batting on both of them.

Audrey wanted birds on the back of hers.

My friend, Carol - from Montana, also used this same pattern to make her gingham quilt.

I honestly never thought of using prints!  
It is so darn cute!

 I quilted a simple all-over wave  pattern on Carol's.
I LOVE her coral binding print.

Gingham seems to be the fun "go-to" quilt these days.
I will certainly be making more.
It's a free download found here from Jolly Jabber and the Fat Quarter shop.

Saturday, September 1

Steam Punk

My California friend, Anitra, created this, (nothing short of amazing), Steam Punk quilt.

The Steam Punk quilt is a Jen Kingwell Pattern.
(one of my favorite designers)
You can find it here with the templates.
The really amazing part about Anitra's gorgeous quilt is that she worked on it while visiting Antarctica.  
Who does that?  
Anitra does!

I LOVE the Antarctica panel she incorporated on the back of her quilt with some patches 
she picked up along the way.

Look at this adorable little penguin just hanging out among the steam punk blocks.

Anitra has such a flair for color and design.  
Some of her blocks have one different wedge or maybe she mixed up the different areas in a block.  
I love the randomness of them! 

I outlined each wedge and added a little mini wedge inside each one.  I also outlined the appliqued' centers and looped the background. 

It was so fun to quilt.
Anitra said is was one of the most special quilts she 
has ever made.....I see that.
And, she has made hundreds of quilts!

She has inspired me to take another look at my future 
Steam Punk.....
This is it - just sitting in my pretty basket waiting for my attention.....waiting and waiting and waiting....