Sunday, August 19

Good-bye - Grandmother's Dream....

Our little town of Ennis, MT had an Arts Festival last weekend and it included a quilt show.
I entered a couple of quilts and put price tags on some of them.
This beauty, "Grandmother's Dream" won Viewer's Choice in the Traditional category. 
It WAS my quilt until a nice man from Seattle, WA purchased it. 
I actually got a little tear in my eye when he wrapped it up, stuck it under his arm and headed out the door with it. 
Good-bye, pretty quilt....I will miss you but I'm happy you're going to a nice home....sigh....


  1. Congratulations! That would be hard to give that one up! But, congrats on the sale!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you - it's always hard to "let it go" when you sell one, but rewarding at the same time.