Sunday, September 23

ric-rac and baby blue...

I get to highlight some of my customers quilts - yay!!!
It's absolutely darling and Julie, from CA, made it. 
She did an excellent job all the way from pattern selection to fabric selection (Reunion by Sweet Water) to piecing.
 I had so much fun quilting it....I didn't want it to end! 
(notice it's a level #2 quilting - different designs in different areas)
We need to see a picture of it after it's washed - the ric-rac's are raw edges.
 And this sweet thing was pieced by Julie's daugher-in-law.
Look at those adorable little squares!! 
She wanted me to quilt squared-off spirals - perfect choice!
 This is the back of the sweet baby blue's....I love pieced backs!
Great job, ladies! 
Thank you for letting me be a part of your creations!