Thursday, November 15

Hello snow....

We had our first snow storm last week here in Ennis, Mt.
 My little car almost disappeared!
 Guess it's time to put the pumpkins away...
 My little Farmer's Market Wren's so cute!
 LOVE the first snow on our beautiful trees.
 This is our porch off the side of the house - it's still snowing!
Notice the scalloped edge it's making on the top?  Lovely!

 Guess winter is here to stay - YAY!


  1. I'm not loving the snow. It just means you can't come see me as often. :(

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you - it truly is know how Montana can be in the winter!

  3. I love your snowy photos! My husband!s family is from Montana and he went to school in Missoula! I would love to visit someday. Your quilting is just beautiful!

    1. Ahhh - Missoula - a very beautiful part of the state....go GRIZ!!! You can come visit anytime! Thank you for the compliments!

  4. Replies
    1. YES.....BRRRRRRR. And yes, it's very pretty!