Monday, December 31

Welcome, 2013!

2012 brought some changes in our are just a few -
  • we bought a home - (guess we're staying in Montana)
  • put in many, many hours painting the never ending house trim - (looks great, sweet husband)
  • we gained a new daughter-in-law - (welcome, Stefanie)
  • I started this very fun long-arm quilting blog - (thanks to Desiloo and her amazing blog skills)
  • And I gained friends from all across the nation who trusted me to quilt on their beautiful creations - (thank you for letting me play with your quilts)

There are always ups and downs in this crazy life, but that's what makes it exciting! 
I truly feel blessed and I wouldn't change a single minute of 2012.

I just hope 2013 is every bit as exciting and full of peace, love & joy for all of friends.

I love this quote sent by a local quilt shop:

“We think life is strong and love is fragile, but it is the other way around. Life hangs by a thread and love holds the universe together.”
                                                                             Judith Laseter