Sunday, January 13


Yep - living in Montana we get to see horns turned into pretty amazing things.
We recently drove to lovely Colorado Springs to visit family. 
(thanks for the sweatshirt, family)

In the garage they had a pile of elk horns.
Because we're from Montana, my brother-in-law was just sure we would like to take some home with us.

Backing up......I had recently taken an adult education evening class and made this darling egg basket using a White Tail Deer horn.  (not giant at all)


My husband remembers it and says, "Hon - couldn't you just make another basket out of these elk horns?"  
I had to look at him twice to realize he was serious.  
I start giggling and no one except me sees the humor.  Can you imagine a basket using elk horns for the handle? 
Elk horns are GIANT! 

 I don't even know why this is so funny to me....I'm giggling right now just thinking about it!  

There's got to be something we can do with these horns - instead of letting them rest on our front porch....  :)


  1. Well...How about a coat rack, if nobody backs into it. LOL

    1. That's funny.....yeah, an elk horn coat rack in the hallway! I'll suggest it to the husband!

  2. I've seen them made into chandeliers, tables (holding a glass table top), etc! Love your egg basket! You can make me one any time!

    1. I seriously love antler chandeliers. I know - this little egg basket is the sweetest thing. If the instructor ever offers another class I'll consider making us BOTH one!

  3. Fun post. My honeymoon was in Breckenridge CO and I have some antlers we picked up as a souviner. Fun post!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Ooooooo - Breckenridge is a wonderful place to be!