Friday, March 22


I recently quilted a "Swoon" block for my friend, Trish, over at Notes of Sincerity.
It is pink and yellow and it is beautiful!
Trish has a way of picking just the right fabrics to go together, and her piecing is near perfection.
I love working on her quilts.
I quilted pretty little flowers, leaves and ribbons.
I've been collecting fabrics for my "Swoon" for quite some time. 
I finally got them put together with a light grey background.
I have some Amy Butler, some Joel Dewberry, and some others. 
I just went for prints I was drawn to and colors I love together.
And the best part....Trish is going to piece it for me!  That means in this lifetime I will actually have the "Swoon" quilt I've wanted for some time!
That Trish - she will do the same for you, too. 
Go visit her blog and contact her for pricing.
(a bazillion, zillion thank you's, Trish)


  1. I love Swoon! Can't wait to see yours pieced together. Trish will do a beautiful job; she always does.

  2. wow, that's going to be gorgeous!!!

  3. That's pretty great. I am not sure I'll ever get my Swoon quilt put together. I love your fabric choices!

    1. I believe this is the ONLY way I'll get mine done - yay! Thanks - I love these colors as well.

  4. That swoon will be stunning I'm sure!

    1. I know - I'm so excited!!! My very own "Swoon"!