Monday, April 15

Do you ever buy a stack of fabrics you love, then you put it aside for a while, get it out later and "Swoon" on them all over again???
That's exactly what I've done with my fat quarters for my "Swoon" quilt.
Trish, at Notes of Sincerity, piled them up so pretty....I just had to show off post them again.

Thank you, Trish, they're still beautiful and you are the sweetest!  She is sewing my quilt top for me!!!

She will do the same for you.  Just go visit her here.


  1. Do that all the time. 10 years later...who the heck bought that! LOL

    1. 10 years later....about time to toss it! you're funny!

  2. Hey! Toss it my way! I love those oldies! Wait! I AM an "oldie!"

  3. I love finding older pretties in my stash... my tastes haven't changed that much. I just like more things now!

  4. Replies
    1. thanks - I do believe it will be a pretty quilt, too! I'm excited about it!