Wednesday, June 26

Audrey and Colton's quilts

Two precious little ones were born into our family this month.
So I just had to make them each a little quilt.

I used this tutorial from Quilt Taffy.  I even ordered all my fabrics from them.....thank you, Corrie!

It's a very easy, fun, fast quilt to make.  I simply pieced a checkerboard quilt top using a charm pack and some white fabric cut into 5" squares, then added a border. 
This is the beginning of Colton's quilt:

Then I used the "Lil' Twister" tool and started cutting.....eeeek! 
Just follow Corrie's instructions on the tutorial. 
The Twister tool has very clear instructions included, also.
Here is little Audrey's girly quilt:  (I added 2 borders to hers)

There will be a bunch of little squares left over so I trimmed them down to 2" pieces and made a burpie and a pillow (for big brother). 

Colton's is quilted with double bubbles...

Audrey's is quilted with large "L" loops in the center and 5-petal flowers in the outer border.

Welcome to the world, sweet little ones!



  1. Adorable! Happy Birthday tomorrow, my friend!

    1. thanks - birthday was full of sweetness with little granddaughters.

  2. Cute quilts! I have that ruler and need to use it now!

    1. I know - I hung on to it for a while before I jumped in! It's super fun!

  3. Those are great! How wide is the border?? It doesn't say in the tutorial.

    1. Hi Sherri - the first (yellow) border is cut 3" and the outer border can be any size you want. I did the same print for Colton's quilt but still had to add the 3" border first then add another outer border. Great question!