Saturday, December 7

Christmas pillows...

For the past two years my sister, LeAnn, has made me a Christmas pillow. 
I love pillows. 


I display them on my bench in our entryway.
This one has hand stitched circles out of felt. 

She put a zipper in the back - I'm afraid of zippers so I'm glad she's not.

I love the trees on this one...

 ..but I especially love the GIANT pom-poms on each corner. 


I even made one, (yes, one), to match them. 
My pillow is pretty boring in comparison. 
It's made out of fleece (that's why it's a bit fuzzy looking) and has a plaid binding. 


They really do look so cute sitting there altogether. 
I wonder if I'm getting one this year? 



  1. Beautiful pillows !!!! good for you

  2. i love this!! I think i need to collect pillows too!!!

  3. Wahoo!! That just brought a big smile to my face!! Your sister must love you a LOT!

  4. Those are adorable! I love the gingham binding on the one you made. A lot of my quilts end up with gingham binding because I love it so much!