Saturday, December 21

holly leaves quilting

Recently a customer from Pennsylvania, hi Elizabeth, sent me a quilt she pieced for a friend made from an old Christmas dress. 
It's so vintage looking....

I decided to quilt holly leaves, ribbons & swirls in the borders.
(below is the back)

...a little pillow hanging in my hallway - I love the bells at Christmas time.
We won this little bell wreath at a Christmas party. 
It was supposed to be a "white elephant" exchange....I think I made out OK! 
I hate to even admit what I was a GIANT can of corn. 
Yep - one of the gallon size cans. 
It was actually the one gift that was fought over. 
I don't get it. 
oh well.....I love my "white elephant". 



  1. That's very nice. Love the vintage look. What a great white elephant gift (might have to use that idea next year, if I remember). I think you got the best of the deal. Is it a winter wonder land over in Ennis?
    We have a couple inches here in Dillon (MT).
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspirations- looking forward to next year. Have a grand Holiday season.

  2. I love the holly leaf design on this quilt! I haven't done much sewing or quilting in the past 2 months and now I am anxious to clean up Christmas and spend the rest of winter at the machine:>) I think the bell wreath is pretty cool, I would use it!

  3. What a fun quilt! I like your ribbon and holly quilting on it - perfect! Merry Christmas!

  4. I love your white elephant too! Thanks for the close up pics of the holly gave me a new pattern to practice::)

  5. I love it! A giant can of corn! One year Woody brought the training wheels off Nathan's bike. :o) Lol!
    The quilting is just gorgeous and I love how she pieced her quilt with an old Christmas dress!