Thursday, February 27

Florida customer quilts...

My friend, Denise - from Florida, just sent me 4 quilts to quilt.  I always get excited to see what she's been working on. 
She has a flair for putting fabrics with just the right pattern & design. 
I love seeing all the different fabrics from across the nation, especially from the coastal areas.
Here is her Christmas Twister quilt - it's so classy. 
 That murky background is perfect.

This is the backing - LOVE that aqua print!
I quilted an all-over fan swirl.
 Here is her ocean print quilt - the fabrics are so fun.
I quilted some waves & bubbles in the blocks and a double ric-rac on the border. 
 My favorite piece in this quilt - a very pretty octopus!
 This is a cute tree/leaf quilt.  The chunky blocks show off the larger prints.

I just quilted a simple loop/leaf design.
 One of my favorite blocks is a Churn Dash - this is a giant one! 
I'm seeing this more and more for simple baby quilts - just one block. 
I stippled the background, put an echoed tear drop in each triangle area and long lines in the yellow bars. 
Super cute quilt!
Thank you, Denise, for sharing your quilts with me. 
I always love quilting for you!


  1. Pretty! And your quilting just adds the perfect touch:>)

  2. Thanks Kathy - for making me famous! :)
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your quilting on all 4 and every other quilt you have quilted for me. You have the eye for what looks best with patterns and fabrics and the talent to pull it all together. How very pleased I have been ever since my good friend Jan found you online and since then we both send off our quilts from Florida to Montana for you to work your magic. Hugs my friend!

    1. Such kind words - makes me smile inside and out! hugs, back

  3. Can Denise move to idaho and be our friend? love all those quilts! The quilting is amazing sauce!

    1. That's an awesome idea......move to Idaho! Think about it, Denise! Quilting = amazing sauce? I love that!

    2. Thanks Idaho friend! Might consider summer residence? Too spoiled by my Florida winters to give that up.
      Kathy does choose just the right amount of tasteful sauce that is for sure!!!

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  5. Enjoyed the Snowtrooper costume!