Tuesday, April 8

Ali's quilt..

My very good friend asked me to make a quilt for her daughter, Ali. 
I love little Miss Ali...
She sent me a paint swatch of two colors, purple and green, and left the rest up to me. 
Here are my mountains of strips!
 I decided to start with a center and go around and around using different width strips.
 Every other row was a cream strip.

Mmmmm, dot flannel backing and scrappy binding.
I quilted giant swirls all over.

Pillow shams are a must!
Love you, Miss Ali. 
And yes, I hugged them before I sent them to you.




  1. Just Beautiful!! Love the added Pillow Shams too!

  2. It looks beautiful! Lovely colors!

  3. Such a simple pattern and yet so delightful! The quilt is beautiful :>)

  4. WOW!! Makes me want to just wrap up and never come out! Such good taste!

  5. Ooooh! I love this!!! Ali has a great taste in colours (of course so do you!!) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Simply lovely! And the shams finish it off so sweetly.