Tuesday, November 11

Pay It Forward - aka - PIF

A year ago I participated in a pay-it-forward challenge. 
Elizabeth, from The College Seamstress, posted it on her blog.
So - I responded to her challenge here, she sent me the cutest little yellow pouch, and I agreed to do the same within the next year.
It's been almost a year to date!  EEEKK - where did that year go?
I've made three cute pillow cases for my part of the challenge and I am ready to send them to 3 individuals who will be willing to pay it forward.
 Hmmmm - choices....

 I had so much fun making these.
If you would like, please comment below agreeing to the following:
1.      You will make a handmade gift for three people to give away on your blog (you must have a blog).
2.     You will do so within the next 365 days.
3.     You will smile while you PAY IT FORWARD.....I have!
I will choose 3 of you within the next week to send a pillow case to. 
Thank you for being willing to PIF!


  1. These are fantastic! Wish I had a blog so I could be a recipient! You are awesome!

  2. This looks fun! I know just what I'd make. The only problem with your pillowcase is that it is so cute - my two little muchkins will be fighting over it!

  3. cute pillowcases! I would pay it forward, I would smile, and I would do it in the next 365 days! :)

  4. I would love to do it! I know exactly what I'd make.