Friday, January 30

Elizabeth's favorite fabrics...just for her!

Elizabeth, from Pennsylvania, decided she needed a quilt just for herself.
I like that kind of thinking!
So over time she saved a 5.5" square of each of her favorite fabrics.
She simply pieced them all together.
It ended up queen size!
(that's a bit of sun shining through the window)

She named her quilt "Salt Water Taffy" because the colors remind her of taffy.
She also loves mermaids and balloon girls.
This quilt makes her heart so happy.
I love the low volume-ness she has chosen. 
This backing is perfect - a pretty aqua with random size white circles.
It's a 108" backing and I know you can get it here, Heartbeat Quilting, out of Washington.  They always have their extra wide backs $2.00 off per yard - bonus!
I quilted an all-over pretty pointy swirl - so feminine!
I'm collecting low volume prints - for a quilt just for, me, me!
Have any of you made a quilt lately just for you?


  1. I have never made a quilt just for me. I need to do that! This one's a real beauty.

  2. I have a stack of fabric that I intend to make into a Scrappy Just For Me quilt one day. That's a great shop to buy wide backing fabrics - so many different varieties. I'll have to keep it on my radar.

  3. I have a "just for me" quilt started but I have a couple gift quilts that need to be finished first. I have already made 2 quilts for myself so I can't say I haven't indulged myself! This quilt is so pretty, I love a simple patchwork where the fabrics are easy to admire on their own.