Tuesday, June 2

Charm Pack baby quilt tutorial...

My sister-in-law, Carol, asked me to make a baby quilt for a baby shower gift.
(it was a bright sunny day when I photographed)
I decided to go very traditional and use some charm packs with lots of pink!
Here's what you'll need:
finished size - 42" x 49"
2 charm packs
1 1/4 yards solid
1/2 yard binding
1 1/2 yards backing
From the solid fabric:
   ~ Cut 5 - 8" squares then cut each of these TWICE diagonally to use for your side triangles.  (yields 20 - you will use 18)
   ~ Cut 2 - 4.5" squares then cut each of these ONCE diagonally to use for the corner triangles.
You will use 50 charms squares for the center of the quilt.
The remaining squares you will cut in half for your inner pieced border.
Inner border:  cut 4 - 2 1/2" strips
Outer border:  cut 6 - 2 1/2" strips
Sewing:  (you will be sewing diagonal rows)
Start with a side triangle and sew it to a charm square.  Add another side triangle to the other side of the charm square.  This is your first DIAGONAL row.
Continue in this manner adding or subtracting charms as you build your rows.  (see 2nd photo for placement)
Add a border of 2 1/2" solid strips to "float" your cute quilt.
Add a border of 2 1/2" cut charms - sew end to end.
Add an outer border of 2 1/2" solid strips.
You're finished!  And it's darling!
Sweet flannel backing.
(I love this old water pump & barrel)
Green Denyse Schmidt plaid for binding.
I machine quilted it with double bubbles - makes it look a little puffy!
Thank you, Danette - my neighbor, for letting me photograph this pink cuteness on your property.


  1. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  2. I love this quilt, and I really love the pink in the background. I think this makes a lovely baby quilt! Thank you for the instructions, This is one I really have to try. For some reason I have had a problem understanding setting the squares at a 45 degree angle so far but I think I can follow this!

  3. The pink reminds me of the quilt my grandma made for me in the 60's. (I love that quilt and still have it!) You've done such a good job, and I especially like the plaid binding. Which charm packs did you use?

  4. I wish I was a brand new little baby and someone would stitch one of these for me! Wait a minute, I can do it myself. Thanks for the great tutorial; the quilt is so very wonderful!

  5. So cute! It has a vintage feel to it which I love. So simple and sweet!

  6. LOVE -- thanks for your tutorial. I have 2 charm packs with nothing planned for them. Always nice to have a baby quilt in reserve :)

  7. You are a wonder woman - how do you get so much done?!!

  8. That is So cute!!! What a great tutorial too!