Wednesday, June 17

graduation t-shirt quilt

Our niece, Kamryn, from Colorado, graduated from high school this month!
A few months ago she sent a back pack stuffed full of softball t-shirts and very sweetly asked if I would make a quilt out of them. 
She had about 50 to chose from - mercy! 
So, I picked the ones I liked to create her quilt out of.
 I even made a pillow case...and put Air Force blue cuddle fabric on the back.
Kamryn has joined the Air Force - so excited for her!
 Here she is with her sister looking at the shirts - it was a fun memory lane moment.  (I'm standing shyly behind her in the door frame.  I don't like to have my picture taken!)
 Pretty girl - fun quilt!  She loved it!

I used a lightweight fusible web to stabilize the t-shirts then just started cutting....without a plan!
I wanted the random look. 
I don't normally make t-shirt quilts, but I love this girl so much - I was happy to.
If you would like a t-shirt quilt constructed, my very good friend, Andrea from Pennsylvania, will make it for you.  Here is a link to her blog - you can contact her there.  Just click on her "t-shirt quilt gallery".  She does a fantastic job - and she likes making them!

At Kamryn's graduation party they hired an ice sculptor. 
He carved an Air Force falcon - so cool!
We're all so proud of you, Kamryn.


  1. You did an amazing and wonderful job of this quilt, Kathy. Love it! What a special Keepsake for your niece. The ice sculpture for her graduation was a real special touch - wow!

  2. What a lovely memory quilt that makes for a special gal. I love the ice sculpture too. Best of luck to her.

  3. GREAT memory quilt. I have never attempted one -- best one I've seen :) LOVE the ice sculpture too -- what a memory filled day for your niece!