Monday, June 29

pretty - pretty - pretty....Allyn's quilt

Allyn, from Massachusetts, sent this absolutely gorgeous appliqued quilt top.
She had already quilted the applique blocks by hand
and wanted me to quilt the setting, side, and corner triangles along with the outer borders. 
I must admit - I was a lot bit intimidated by its beauty and her hand work.
Her applique is near perfection and the hand quilting matches it.
I did not want to detract from its beauty.
I suggested a pretty "fleur" design to compliment and frame the quilt. 
It was delightful to quilt....
(I love the petals on these daisy flowers) 
Allyn travels/lives on a boat most of the time, so during her travels she worked on the applique blocks.
As she finished each block she documented the date and city/state she was traveling through.
 The back is this pretty tone-on-tone floral - perfect.
She chose a pretty red fabric for the binding - Allyn will do the handwork.
I wish you could see these gorgeous blocks up close - my photography does NOT do it justice.
Thank you, Allyn, for letting me see, touch, and work on this beauty.
Safe travels this year!
(I wonder what she's working on now.....stay tuned!)


  1. It's lovely, made all the nicer by the collaboration.

    1. Thank you, Dora - it was so fun to see it come together.

  2. How intricate and beautiful! I love the pattern, the colors she used and your quilting is a beautiful finishing touch. Applique is another thing I would love to learn. This quilt is stunning!

    1. I need to try my hand at applique....again! Allyn's quilt inspired me.

  3. What a neat idea for her to mark her blocks as a reminder of her travels. And you got to go along with her, so to speak. Lovely quilting to accompany her handiwork - beautiful!

    1. Her quilt is so beautiful - I just kept staring at it and found something new each time I looked. Such talent!

  4. I got to see the quilt in person and it is absolutely beautiful! You both did a fabulous job!

    1. So you know what I mean when I say it's even more beautiful in person! Thank you for the compliment.