Sunday, October 4

retreat post #2 - the

I know a quilt retreat is all about the quilt tops being sewn, the chatter, new friendships, the silly games, the "sing-along" music, and more sewing.
But, I just have to post about the food - oh. my. goodness! 
Des, of Quilt Taffy, nailed it on the menu!
Here she is - she spent a LOT of time in front of that oven!
Here we go.....
We had beautiful seasonal fruit at every meal.....watermelon is one of my favorites!
Grilled pizzas.  One was all roasted veggies and the other was caramelized onions with prosciutto.
 Corrie, of Quilt Taffy, always seemed to be cracking eggs....dozens of them!
Mmmm - breakfast sandwiches with red potatos, sausage patties and fruit.  (recipe here)
Bagel bites....

My sister, LeAnn, showed us how to make these scrumptious bites - she's brushing them with butter...

She rolled out the dough then cut them into bites.
 Cute Lynette cutting little "x's" on each bagel bite!
And Des, our master chef, pulling them out of the oven....
I can still smell them!
 This was probably my favorite meal.....
so pretty, all lined up!
Red pears - extra pretty!
I'm a salad eating girl!
This was a chicken salad and an orzo salad.
(recipes here - Chicken salad - Orzo salad)
We ate our evening meals outside under umbrellas.
I felt so spoiled!

 I know I posted about the chocolate mint brownies earlier, but they're worth posting again, and again!
Clean up after each meal is a *snap* when everyone helps! 
Thank you, everyone!
Thank you, Des, you are FANTASTIC!!!

My next post will be about the projects we sewed up - I promise!


  1. What an amazing group of women you hang with! I believe I would pay just to hear your giggles, walk in the woods, have some alone time, and, most importantly, eat this fabulous food! Brilliant! Thank you for posting the recipes! I love my sister!

    1. I would LOVE to have you there with us. Seriously, the food is worth the entire retreat time! And I didn't even post ALL of it! I love my sister, too.....

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  3. Love all the pictures and what fun memories! LOved every minute of being there wIth fabulous women!

    1. It was so much fun.....hope we get to repeat it next year!

  4. Thanks for the great posts, Kathy O

  5. It looks fabulous! I would love the recipe for the bagel bites!