Thursday, February 18

Debbie's houses & modern quilts...

I love quilts built with solid fabrics.
I've yet to create one for myself, but I love working on others.
These two quilts that Debbie, from Mississippi, made are the perfect example of modern solid quilts.
I had such fun quilting them!
The photos will speak for themselves.
These houses are all nested together.
Debbie wanted me to quilt them so the roofs stood out.
So I quilted "shingles" on all the roofs and a loose wave on each house.
I love it!
This quilt is made up of several different blocks....some of the prints used read solid.
The setting is random - so fun!
It was a blast coming up with different quilting designs in each area.
Debbie allowed me to "play" with the designs.

Are these about the craziest flying geese you've ever seen?  Love it!
I quilted a lot of straight lines, but added a touch of softness with some curvy quilting, too.
Thank you, Debbie, for allowing me to "do my thing" on your amazing creations!


  1. Wow! Fantastic quilting sister!

    1. Thanks, quilting sister! They were SO fun! I'm loving this modern style!

  2. Those are way COOL and your quilting makes them POP.

  3. Thank you for such wonderful quilting!! :-)

    1. And thank you for sending me such incredible quilts to quilt on! I love them both... :)