Sunday, January 22

my son's Quilt of Valor...

My oldest son, Riley, served 16 years in the
US Marine Corps.
He started his military career as a light armored
vehicle operator.
He ended his career as a Communications Officer.
He loves the Marine Corps - once a Marine, always a Marine.
It was time to make his Quilt of Valor.
I contacted his girlfriend, Des, and asked if she could steal collect some of his patches from his uniforms so I could sew them into his quilt. 
I wanted it to be a secret so she told him the kids needed some for a school project - brilliant! 
Thanks, Des.
This is what I came up with:
When Riley & his kids were visiting at Christmas
I gave it to him. 
He was so surprised!
He recognized the patches right away and got a little emotional thinking about the time he wore those uniforms with those patches in Iraq. 
Then he slept under his quilt along with those memories.
Not only are Quilts of Valor healing, but they bring back a lot of memories for the veterans.
He loved it.
It was my honor to make it for you, son.
Thank you for your service and the love you have for
this country.
I love you...


  1. Beautifully done! And thank you for your son and all those years of service to our country!

  2. Oh Kathy! What a tender moment this must have been for you both! This is the first time I've seen it, and although I pictured it when you told me, I was way off in just how fabulous it really is! You are an angel in the lives of many soldiers, including you son and husband!

  3. Wonderful! Thank you for your service, Riley! And thank you, Kathy, for your love and devotion to your son and our country. God Bless the USA!

  4. Oohrah! Well done,Mom, and thank you Riley for your service!

  5. If I could draw a great big huge heart here, I certainly would. What an incredible act of love. Thank you, as the worrying mom, for your years of service. And thank him, too, from all of us!

  6. A wonderful quilt, wow, so special. You must have worried so much over the years and must be so proud. And rightfully so. Beautiful gifts, from you the quilt, from your son his bravery.

  7. Oh my! Beautiful! I have happy, proud, and patriotic tears in my eyes right now. I'm very proud of that marine!

  8. Beautiful quilt! Thank you Riley for your service!

  9. Fantastic!! I love the story behind the creation too!

  10. That is fabulous! I am working n a quilt right now for my son in law who serves in the Air Force. I love the idea of using patches. I'll have to ask my daughter if he has any I could use. Many thanks for your brave son's service to our country!

  11. What an amazing gift from you and service of your son!

  12. What a sweet gift for your son. You did an amazing job. Thank your son for his service. We appreciate him.

  13. Amazing, moving story. Nice quilt - good idea. Congratulate.