Saturday, March 11

Steam Punk beauty

My friend from Idaho, Domini, made this beautiful
"Steam Punk" quilt.
I've had my little eye on this pattern for some time and after seeing her quilt in "real life" I decided to purchase it
along with the templates.
It's a Jen Kingwell design.
 I'm in love with anything she creates.
I want to hang out with Jen Kingwell - one day I will....
You can purchase the pattern and templates
This is a photo before I started quilting.
Domini uses wool batting in most of her quilts.
It makes them so soft and drape-y.
I love her color selection.
I outlined the spokes and centers then
pebbled the background.
I didn't want to detract from her piecing.
Then she chooses this for the backing.....
oh, how I love this print!
Beautiful - so beautiful!
Notice how some of her blocks are "floating" and some of them have their own background. 
I'm going to steal that idea!
I need to get started on mine, but I haven't picked out my fabrics yet.
Thank you, Domini, for the inspiration.
I love it!



  1. This is just fantastic.Great job!

    1. Thank you - it's a really beautifully, snuggly quilt.

  2. Replies
    1. Right? A little more challenging, but oh, so fun!

  3. Very nice! I've never seen that backing fabric before, I like it, too!

    1. I wish I had a bolt of that backing - I don't know where to get it, though!

  4. This is darling, and the texture your quilting gives just makes it come alive!

    1. It is a darling quilt - and the wool batting is what made it really come alive!

  5. Oh that is a great design and fabric! I love your quilting on it!

    1. Thanks, my friend. I was a blast to quilt!