Sunday, January 7

Big Foot sighting......

I couldn't resist this "Legendary" quilt designed
by Elizabeth Hartman.
You can purchase the pattern here.
My friend, Lexie, and I are teaching this quilt at the winter Adult Education session in my home town of Ennis, Montana.
Here's the link to the school's program
It was so fun to make!
 For the backing I chose brushed plaids - nice & snuggly.
I quilted an all-over wood grain design.
Then I spotted him just hanging out in our wood pile. 
 He gets around!


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    1. I think every "Legendary" quilt needs to be backed with some kind of flannel - I love it!

  2. You've got him finished already - go, you! He's great! A fun quilt, indeed, and I love the backing fabric and your wood grained quilting. Have fun with the class!

  3. I just noticed your grunge dot trees. I love grunge dots!!