Wednesday, March 14

Amy's Single Girl

My friend, Amy - from Idaho, made one of the cutest
"Single Girl" quilts I've ever seen.
She really went all out with the pink - I love it!
She used all Cotton & Steel "Trinket" fabrics.
You can find the Denyse Schmidt pattern,
Amy wanted cinnamon rolls for the quilting design.
I think it's perfect because of the circular pattern of her quilt.
She also used wool batting - so delicious! 
Do you love this backing? 
Makes me smile!
I have made one "Single Girl" quilt
and I now I want to make about 5 more!
This is mine.
I think every girl needs a very pink quilt.
It's so lovely, Amy, thank you for letting me quilt it.


  1. Love that pink and the backing does make you smile. Might have to add that pattern to my list :)

  2. still love your aqua single girl!! Where do all these awesome IDAHO quilters live??

    1. Boise area - they're pretty amazing over there!

  3. I must say I've never seen that pattern before, but it's a fun one! And your quilting accents it so well. :)

    1. It's a really fun pattern - templates....EEEE....but fun!

  4. I LOVE it! I agree, we all need a little (or a lot of) pink in our lives!

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