Tuesday, June 19


I finally finished my "Village" quilt.....all 132 houses.

I used up my stash of American Jane fabrics I had been hoarding for years....and years!

I knew the perfect pattern would come along one day and Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. created this one.
I think it's perfect!
You can purchase the pattern here at the Fat Quarter Shop.

I stippled the entire quilt - it's so busy you would never have seen any fancy quilting. 

 I had to include my last name, "Olkowski" - this "Kinder" line of fabrics, by Heather Ross, is perfect for these doorways!

I added a scrappy binding using some prints 
and a solid black.

 I fussy cut a few little characters and letters for some of my windows and doors.
Out of the 132 house I added 16 chimneys - one for each home I've lived in.....I had no idea I had lived in that many homes until I started counting.

I added "Ennis MT" in this row....my home town.

The backing has a couple of panels that come with the fabric lines and more chunky pieces sewn together randomly.
I had 3 little house left over so I added them to the back.

This was so fun to create.  
I taught this class with my friend, Lexie, at our Adult Education evening classes this past spring.  
The students were so fun and every quilt turned out differently - it's one of those quilts you get to add all kinds of personal touches to.

Just hanging out with my very weathered bird house. 

This might be my only finish this year and it was 
worth every single minute.
I love it so much. 
(Thank you, Danette, for letting me use your wagons and fences on your property for some of the photos.)


  1. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous, and I love all the special details you added in there. Love the backing - so creative. A real keepsake quilt.

  2. I just got this pattern a few days ago Kathy. What a fun surprise this morning to see your beautiful quilt. I have no idea what I am going to do with mine. I really love the personal details you added to yours! Jan from Florida

  3. Really, really wonderful. What a beautiful fun quilt.

  4. I am really in love with your 'village' and think the chimneys are such a clever addition. At first I thought your fabric choices were scrappy, but now upon closer look at how well they coordinate and your comment about the panels on the back I believe the fabrics weren't so scrappy after all. A real keeper and one that will be passed down through the generations! Thanks for sharing Kathy.

  5. I love it!!! I bought this pattern when it came out and it's been on my bucket list for a while. Yours is just perfect!

  6. That turned out so cute!! Controlled scrappy is my favorite. I think I need to make one of these , too!

  7. I'm so glad you got a 'finish' so you could share it with us - excellent! And now that you've mentioned 16 homes, I need to think about where I have lived. Hmmmm.....

  8. I love your beautiful village! Your added touches are perfect, and will always be documented by this quilt. I also finished a village this spring, encouraged by a quiltalong on Instagram. Such a fun project!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful!! I bought the pattern and have to get started. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Jane from Idaho Falls

  10. I love American Jane fabrics. This quilt is fantastic and great use of panels on the back.

  11. I love it in American Jane: I have a collection of her prints too! :-) I think it was the perfect fabric to use for your houses. Hugs, H

  12. Beautiful Kathy! One day I’ll be like you and make a village quilt!

  13. It is amazing Kathy!! Love the fabrics :)