Saturday, September 1

Steam Punk

My California friend, Anitra, created this, (nothing short of amazing), Steam Punk quilt.

The Steam Punk quilt is a Jen Kingwell Pattern.
(one of my favorite designers)
You can find it here with the templates.
The really amazing part about Anitra's gorgeous quilt is that she worked on it while visiting Antarctica.  
Who does that?  
Anitra does!

I LOVE the Antarctica panel she incorporated on the back of her quilt with some patches 
she picked up along the way.

Look at this adorable little penguin just hanging out among the steam punk blocks.

Anitra has such a flair for color and design.  
Some of her blocks have one different wedge or maybe she mixed up the different areas in a block.  
I love the randomness of them! 

I outlined each wedge and added a little mini wedge inside each one.  I also outlined the appliqued' centers and looped the background. 

It was so fun to quilt.
Anitra said is was one of the most special quilts she 
has ever made.....I see that.
And, she has made hundreds of quilts!

She has inspired me to take another look at my future 
Steam Punk.....
This is it - just sitting in my pretty basket waiting for my attention.....waiting and waiting and waiting....


  1. No time like the present! Get those fabrics cut out and get started. Your friend's quilt is amazing, and I can see why it is a special one for her. Great job on the quilting - it's the perfect amount and accent.

    1. I would love nothing more than to get cutting & sewing on my Steam Punk....just no time right now! Thanks for the compliments.

  2. I too, have the Steam Punk pattern waiting. Hah!

    1. You and me, both.....our Steam Punks are just waiting for our attention!