Monday, July 1

Lynn's quilts

Lynn, from Colorado, spoke to my quilting heart with these amazing quilts she created.
I love her modern quilting style!
She is crazy talented when it comes to matching 
color and design.
This is her "Bullseye" quilt - all hand appliqued. 

I quilted a simple all-over swirl pattern.

This next quilt is an Aztec type quilt.  
The detail in the piecing is nothing short of mind blowing!

I quilted a lot of straight lines following the piecing angles.  
It's pretty much a symmetrical quilt but the colors are the opposite on each side.

This one is a Carolyn Friedlander design called, "Botanics".  
You can find the pattern here.

I quilted tiny swirls in the background and something different in the applique in order for it to stand out.  
I love the simplicity of the applique shapes.

Lynn, I love your style.  
It was such fun to quilt for you!  
Thank you for sharing your photographs of your beautiful quilts with us.


  1. Those are amazing! Lucky you to get to quilt them and do your wonderful magic!

  2. The Axtec quilt, especially, is a work of art! All the color placement and design is exceptional. And your quilting is amazing as well!
    Happy Fourth!