1.  I know you're 5 weeks out but my brother is getting married in 2 weeks.  Can you please, please do mine first?
Absolutely!  I'm happy to squeeze in a midnight quilting session!! Rush orders start at an additional $20 and go up depending on the size of quilt.

2.  I don't sew.  I've got 7 yards of backing that needs to be pieced together.  Can you do that for me?
Sure! First seam is $5.  Each additional seam is $2.50.

3.  I can't make my binding look nice for the life of me!  As long as you've done the quilting, can you put the binding on too? 
Machine binding is my specialty! Just check my "prices" page for the costs on either a complete finish or partial finish.  You'll need to provide the coordinating binding.  Here is the amount I'll need for a double fold binding, regardless of whether it's straight cut or on the bias.
Crib            1/2 yard
Twin            3/4 yard      
Full/Double     1 yard
Queen           1 yard
King            1 1/4 yard

4.  I love to sit and hand stitch my own binding while watching my favorite Jane Austen movies, but I don't like to sew the binding on the quilt.  Do you do that?"
YES - I will cut the binding 2 1/2" wide and charge $.10 per running inch to attach for hand finishing and $.15 per running inch for machine binding.

5.  How do I prepare my backing for quilting?
The backing must be at least 3" - 5" larger than the top on all sides.  It also needs to be square and pressed, including the fabric fold crease.  Please don't leave any selvage in the seams - they have no give and create a nasty scrunch!  

6.  What if I want to scallop the edges of my quilt?
If you are scalloping your borders you should have it quilted BEFORE you cut the scallops.

7.  What kind of thread do you use?
I only use 100% cotton Signature thread.  Makes sense to use cotton thread on your cotton fabrics.
8.  You should see my UFO pile!  I have so many quilts that need to be quilted that my husband is ready to give my sewing machine away!  Can you help me? 
With your first quilt, you'll receive a punch card.  After 9 quilts, I'll quilt the 10th one for FREE!! (queen size or under)

9.  Decimals have always confused me.  How do I figure out the cost for my quilt?  
For example:  A queen quilt measuring 90" x 108"
multiply the length by the width - 90 x 108 = 9720
multiply that measurement by the level psi (per square inch) 9720 x (level one) .0175 = $170.10

10.  Can I use a sheet for my backing?
Sure!  I have a couple of requirements.  Be sure to trim off all of the hems and pre-wash it.  

11.  What about thread color choices....can you use different colored thread on the top than the back?
No - I will always use the same color thread in both the top needle and the bobbin.  The reason being, these machines use industrial size needles.  These larger size needles cause a little larger hole with each stitch which allows the bobbin thread to pop up through.  It's not pretty to have dots of contrasting thread color on the top of your quilt.

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