Pricing is based on the overall size of the quilt and the amount of quilting and/or custom work you would like done on each quilt.  There is also a thread fee depending on the size of quilt.

As noted on the See My Work page, each quilt is quilted at a certain level of workmanship.
Machine quilting is charged 'per square inch' , aka psi.

Feel free to contact me with questions:
Level 1:  starts @ $.0175 psi - basic all over design from border to border (stippling, meandering, loops etc.)

Level 2:  starts @ $.0225psi - all over design & different in borders

Level 3:  starts @ $.0325 psi - different borders, use of rulers or straight line work

Level 4:  starts @ $.0425psi - detailed quilting as in heirloom/show piece

Example of Pricing on specific sizes:

Quilt Size
Level #1 $.0175
Level #2 $.0225
Level #3 $.0325
Level #4 $.0425
Binding for hand finish
Binding complete finish
$5 and up
10 cents per inch
15 cents per inch
$5 and up
10 cents per inch
15 cents per inch
$7 and up
10 cents per inch
15 cents per inch
$9 and up
10 cents per inch
15 cents per inch
$10 and up
10 cents per inch
15 cents per inch

*Back seams - $5.00 and $2.50 for each additional seam.

*RUSH orders start at $20 and go up according to the size of the quilt.

Thread charges:  starts @ $5.00 and goes up according to size of quilt and amount of quilting requested by customer.
            Variegated thread doubles the thread charges. 
(But's it's so pretty!)
            I will always use the same color thread on the top and the back of the quilt.  Long-arm machines use industrial needles, therefore the needle hole is larger than a domestic machine causing opposite thread colors to show  in a pin dot fashion on the quilt - not pretty!

Batting:  Customer may supply the batting but be aware that some extra lofty poly batts will not fit into the machine. I will be able to determine whether I can use your batting or not.  Just message me with questions.

I have batting that you can purchase thus saving you on shipping costs.  This is what I currently offer.  I am fair and competitive.  

HOBBS BATTING available:

80/20 (96” wide)  natural                              $10 per yard

80/20 (108" wide) bleached                          $12 per yard

100% cotton (96" wide)                                  $14 per yard

Return Shipping:  $5.00 within the states
I will contact you on international shipping charges.