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 The following pictures illustrate the different levels of quilting that are available to you.  Each level is priced differently.  As always, I'm open to your ideas and suggestions of what you would like for your special quilt. 
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To see the pricing of each level, go here.

Let's start with Level 1 (.0175) quilting.  
This level is a basic all over design from edge to edge. 
You will see stippling, meandering, loops etc.
Above design is called:  stippling

 Above design is called:  single waves

The above design is called:  parallel single waves
(Jan Herzberg's quilt)

Above - another parallel single waves quilt
(Allison Harris's quilt)

Above design is called:  horizontal random width space straight line .

Above design is called:  stippling with random swirls
(Allison Harris's quilt)

Above design is called:  double bubbles

Above design is called:  curvy swirls (Allison Harris's quilt)

The above design is called:  loops & leaves (Missy's quilt)

The above design is called:  chunky "L's" (my quilt)

The above design is called:  Loops & Hearts (Shauna's quilt)

The above design is: flowers, loops & leaves with swirl border (Trish's quilt)

The above design is called:  large swirls  (Teela's quilt)

The above design is called:  water/wood grain  (Denise's quilt)

 The above design is called: pointy tear drops

The above design is called: cinnamon rolls

The above design is called:  single loops (Allison Harris's quilt)

Above design is called: pointy swirls - .0175 level (Allison Harris's quilt)

Above design is called:  single waves & loops

Below are some Level #1 border ideas: 
 rail road tracks

Curvy rail road tracks, below:

Pointy rail road tracks below: 

 Another border idea below is pullies:

Double ric-rac, below: (Amanda's quilt)

Below is row after row of long loops:  (Carol's quilt)

Same long loop design: (Denice's quilt) 

And Allison's "Basket Case" quilt below:

Basket Case Quilt 

 5-petal daisies (in the border):

Level 2 - (.0225)
Adds a few more design choices.  The pattern is still repetitive but will be different in the borders or smaller areas.
 Touchdown Quilt

The above quilt is Allison's from Cluck Cluck Sew - "Touchdown"

Above design is called:  Cinnamon rolls with echoing

 Above design has pebble, swirls, stippling - more than 3 elements.

 The design above has muliple designs.  (Julie's quilt)

The above design has 2 elements in it - double bubbles and ric-rac in the sashing. (Cluck, Cluck, Sew quilt)

The above design has 2 elements in it - curves & pebbles. (Amanda's quilt)

The above design is called, "random size pebbles" 
(Sarah's quilt)

These last 3 quilts are a level #2 because it's a very time consuming design.

Sometimes there might be another element in the quilt that needs a little extra quilting and it's a different pattern in the borders bumping the level up a notch or two, but not quite a Level 3.


Level 3 - (.0325)

This level is for straight line work and use of rulers.
Quilts with several borders and different patterns in each will be a level 3.

Above is Michelle's quilt - a Kaffe Fassett beauty

Above is Anne's quilt - 1" cross-hatch and a flower medallion combination.

Above and below are examples of some "modern" quilting designs on Denise's quilt.

 Several different designs within the quilt
and within each block: (Julie's quilt)

 My quilts...

Some straight line quilting in the borders & different designs in different sections: 
Minnie's sampler quilt:

Minnie's sampler:

Minnie's sampler: (some straight line quilting mixed in)

Minnie's sampler:

My sampler:

 Level 4- (.0425) - Custom
Detailed quilting
Heirloom/Show Piece

(Stephanie's quilt)

My sampler quilt below:

And the use of templates to create a design (below):
(Kathy Coontz's quilt & kitty)

To see the pricing of each level, go here.
Also check my FAQ page for other options.


  1. Kathy, Your work is gorgeous! I am so impressed!
    Gail E

    1. Ahhh - thank you, my friend. I truly LOVE what I do!

  2. Your quilting is beautiful and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

  3. These illustrations are so helpful! Thanks!

  4. Kathy- You are my quilting HERO!!

    Adore the work you did on my quilt- so so beautiful!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

    1. You, my friend, are so fun to quilt for! LOVE your quilt - thank YOU!

  5. Just discovered you via Cluck, Cluck, Sew... I'll definitely be contacting you in the future for quilting!!! :)

  6. I am overjoyed today ... I just received my quilts from Kathy and the quilting is absolutely beautiful. She is so talented and so creative. They really are exquisite. I highly, highly recommend Kathy! Thank YOU!

  7. I am not really sure where that "a8c8ed26 ..." etc address came from but's it's me, Anitra, that is overjoyed by your work!

    1. thank you, Anitra. You are so complimentary - I loved working on your quilts!

  8. Great! By the way, if you'd like to read more about ways you can improve the quality of using your email account, click on the link now!

  9. Beautiful work. Hope to personally enjoy it on one of my future projects.