Wednesday, September 5

Pots & Kuspuks

I know I keep showing off these adorable little pots my daughter-in-law gave me, (from Anthropology), so I finally did something with them. 
I painted the shelf, found the antique hanky a dear freind gave me, hung my favorite aqua quilt and then received this darling "Kuspuks by the Yard" thank you note from a customer.  It's Alaskan ladies fabric shopping in a quilt shop - I love it!  If any of you have the book, "Mama do you Love Me?" it's by the same artist, Barbara Lanallee. 
Thank you, Amanda, for the darling thank you note!!!
Note:  A kuspuk is a lightweight jacket worn over a parka by Eskimos.


  1. Well, well....not only are you a quilting blog but oh so informational too!! ;) I now know what a kuspuk is. I may need one for the winter!

  2. I love it, Kathy. The pots are so adorable, I could look at them over and over again!