Saturday, June 22

pyramid and scrappy-ness

One of my customers, Sherri - of Colorado, sent me a box full of beautiful scrappy quilts to work on.
I immediately fell in love with them - I'm a scrappy quilt girl.
She had made two of these for two little girls:
I quilted double bubbles on both of them - so sweet!
Then she creates one of the most spectacular quilts I've ever seen....seriously....thousands of little pyramids!
I quilted simple pointy swirls all over.
It is a stunning quilt!
She chose this fun dot binding.

The backing is a beautiful turquoise print.

All bound & ready to head back home.....sigh!
I hate to see it go.
But wait - I could make my own!

Sherri sent me a copy of her paper pattern...
Then I found my 60 degree angle ruler...
It didn't take me long to start cutting...
Oh happy day!
Now I get a pyramid quilt of my very own!
Here are the backs of Sherri's three little beauties:

All bound & ready to head back home.
I love the look & feel of a finished quilt....mmmmmm!
Thank you, Sherri.




  1. More cuteness! Your work is wonderfulness!

  2. Those are great quilts! I want to do a pyramid quilt someday, too. It would be fun! You did great quilting on these!

    1. Thanks, mama pea...I know it will take a very long time to make, but well worth it!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Trish. They really are treasures!

  4. i just love your perfect quilting~
    I'm a sucker for a pyramid too.
    Bringing to our sew fest?? Don't forget show and tell!

    1. Thanks, des...I will be bringing my box full of pyramids. Want to share & start one of your own???

  5. I would love to start a pyramid quilt, lord knows I have enough scraps. All I need is a 60 degree ruler?
    And the quilting was just lovely on all three quilts. You do beautiful work!

    1. Lots of 60 degree rulers out there - I sent you an email with a suggestion. It's so much easier with the ruler - I have a tendency to trim away with paper! Thank you for your compliments!