Thursday, August 15

boy quilts

I don't get to spend much time with my Janome, but when I do find time I like to sew up something fast & simple. 
That way I feel like I've accomplished something BIG!
I sewed up this little baby boy quilt for a friend. 
It's called "Speedy Baby" and you can find it on the Quilt Taffy blog. 
(thanks, Des, for creating it.)

Mine finished out at 40" x 40". 
I quilted double bubbles all over it. 
Super cute!

My son (hi Riley) mentioned he needed a warm quilt. 
I love making quilts for my kids.
So I grabbed 20 fat quarters, trimmed them all the same size, and sewed them together,
5 across 4 down.
I ended up with an 88" x 88" quilt. 
I used brushed woven's for the top and backing - and I put poly batting inside to make it poofy. 
(guys like poofy)
I'll call it: "Speedy Adult".

(the sun was shining on the photo above, then it went behind a cloud on the photo below - ugh)
I quilted a simple all-over wave.
Super easy!

Super speedy!


  1. I love your quilts Kathy! I need to get into the speedy mindset....I'm making a baby quilt too.....but think appliqued rubber ducks!! Yeah, I need to jump on that speedy bandwagon!!! I especially love your sons quilt....that is way cool!!

  2. Great quilts! I love the boy ideas! I have a quilt to make for my son, just need to do it!!

  3. Speedy Adult!!! I love it!! And I love that wave stitching!

  4. Your quilts are awesome!! :0)

  5. Beautiful quilts!!! And, love the red and aqua one!! Happy sweet day to you! xo Heather

  6. Fabulous work from a fabulous quilter!

  7. What a great idea for fat quarters! Of course, your awesome quilting finishes it so nicely!

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