Monday, August 19


I did something last Saturday I thought I would never do - I entered a 5k race. 
It's one of those "bucket list" items which is actually at the very bottom of that list. 
I have always wanted to RUN in a race but I waited too long for that to happen. 
Oh, wait, while attending university's I had to run the mile & a half to pass the Health class, but I was MUCH younger then.  
I decided to try a 5k run this summer but my knees protested so I switched to walking......powerful walking! 
The training was awesome!  (thank you, Cori).  We actually job share for the school district and we love our job!
I entered a race in Wisdom, MT, where the famous Big Hole Battleground is.
I protest every time someone tries to take my picture....but my husband insisted we bring the camera for this outstanding event!
OK - here goes....

There I am at the BACK of the pack with the walkers. 
Coral colored shirt, sun glasses and white seasoned hair.
See my trainer, Cori, with the black head band, at the front of the pack trying to elbow out those high school kiddos. 
Go Cori!

I'm just taking my time - uh huh - smiling for the camera. 
The race was on dirt road/trail which is what Montana has to offer. 
And it's what I'm accustomed to. 

Here I am at the finish line - still smiling! 
I did it! 
I even beat my time by one minute which is great considering they threw in a very large rocky hill! 
(ooooh - it was super smoky that day with wildfires, too. Can't even see the mountains in the background).

Great treats - oranges, bananas, oatmeal crunchy bars and lots of water.  (I'm all about the treats)  :)

I came in first in my 5k walk and Cori was the first 5k run woman. 
We are AWESOME girls!

This was such a fun day - next year.....10k!
(Thank you, Cathy S., for encouraging me.  Good luck on your race in 2 weeks!)


  1. Congrats!!! How much fun! I love races. (Even if I just power walk them)

    val from

    1. Thank you, Valerie - it was so much fun. I'm going to find more and just keep going and going!

  2. Good for you Kathy! Denise and I walk together for exercise and I think that our mouths get as much exercise as our legs which is what makes it so much fun! It is amazing what quilting discussions we can have over a 3 mile walk.

    Jan from Florida

  3. I'm bound and determined to do a 5k end of September, but I think I'll be a power walker/jogger. I have been "training" and everytime I run for too many days I give myself shin splints. LOL. SO walking and jogging a little it is.

  4. wow. I think I say 'wow' on everything you post. You're awesome!!

  5. Way to go Kathy! Someday I'll be like you and run/walk a 5K--hopefully I look as good as you do!

    Julie from CA

  6. Kathy, I'm so proud of you! You did great. I can't believe this was your first 5k! Now the sky's the limit!! I'll let you know how my race goes!!

  7. Hooray for you!! Congrats on setting a goal and achieving it!

  8. That is awesome!!! Great job!!

  9. Way to go Kathy! And even in the smoke!

  10. Woot Woot!!!! Way to go!! :o)