Friday, August 23

random loves...

Today I wanted to share a couple of my favorite "loves". 
Cone flowers.
I love everything about Cone flowers - the way they droop, the variety of colors, the long skinny petals and the spiky centers. 
I bought a single plant a few months ago and planted it. 
It didn't seem to be growing at all, but it wasn't dying, either. 
I had...

Yesterday it finally blossomed - it had gone from 'meh' to 'hurray'! 

I grabbed the camera because I wasn't sure how long it would remain in bloom.
So pretty - I wish I had an entire field of Cone flowers - all different colors.

I love coconut in any shape or form. 
A couple of years ago we were visiting family in Florida and came across this toasted coconut honey - oh was over the top delish!
I've searched and searched on the internet to find it again and came up with this coconut syrup (on the right). 
It was close, but not the same. 

I happened to mention this to my Florida quilty friends, "hi, Jan and Denise". 
They were suddenly on a treasure hunt to find this coconut honey. 
And, you guessed it, they found a jar in a roadside stand traveling to Key West.
(notice how they spell "spread" on the jar, uh huh) 
And they sent it to me!!! 
I know - so very kind hearted, you two. 
My heart did flip flops when I received it in the mail. 
Thanks, again and again, you two.
Coconut ice cream.
Wilcoxson's Ice Cream company here in Montana makes this over-the-top coconut ice cream.
You can't purchase it in the stores. 

BUT - my sweet husband spots the ice cream truck parked at the local Scoop Shack in town and asks the driver if he has any coconut ice cream he would sell him. 
Sure thing....he brings out this 3 gallon tub. 
My husband is on his motorcycle at the time....yes....he brings home a 3 gallon tub of ice cream, just for me, on his motorcycle. 
(he cringes at the thought of coconut anything!) 
Now I tell you - that's love, right there.....that's 3 gallons of love, right there!

I'm one happy girl......






  1. I just found your blog! Thank you! I just started "walking" myself and my blood sugars are dropping due to it.....I drank a coconut/spinach yesterday that I made and I! I am just getting my shop ready....I am finishing up a Swoon this weekend...I am so nervous to quilt on others tops!!...have had my Gammill for a few years now so I have got to get "at it!"....your breakdown in prices is very well done too...very fair! I am at the did inspire me today!

  2. You are most welcome my friend and I do love the '3 gallons of love' story!!!