Wednesday, August 28

Vintage Grey

I have a new friend, Heather, who is all about vintage, and I LOVE vintage - especially textiles. 
I recently made a purchase from Heather's shop here.
I've been dreaming about these Vintage, applique, crocheted towels for quite some time. 
Then this one was created and I believe it was speaking to me. 
All the colors I love.
I snagged it right up.

Heather personalized every single piece she creates:

I absolutely love Dresden Plates and Heather goes one step further by adding a crocheted doily for the center - brilliant!
I remembered she had some crocheted wooden hangers in her shop so I asked if she was still making them. 
Oh boy - YES! 
She asked what color I would like. 
I ordered aqua, orange and mint green, for now. :)

Of course she adds these adorable little hand stitched strawberries out of feed sack, attached to the crocheted doily in the center of the hanger. 
Does it get any cuter than that?

I wish you could have seen the is over-the-top personal. 
Each item has its own tag made especially for me, the customer. 
(I didn't take a picture of each item in its package because while at the post office I was ripping open the package - paper is flying everywhere - and in all my excitement I forgot the camera.)

But wait - there's more!!!
She tucked this very old BINGO card inside with a sweet vintage fabric pin attached.

I tell you what - Miss Heather knows how to treat her customers. 
She is kind, giving, and delightful to work with. 
I will order from her again and again.
Thank you, Miss Heather, for making me feel extra special.
Here is the link to her lovely blog.
I love it all!


  1. Hi sweetest Kathy! Oh, you have made me blush! ;) Thank you for your sweet and loving words. I am so happy that you are enjoying everything! You have made my day dear friend!! Blessings and love to you, xo Heather

  2. Doesn't she make the cutest things?? The towel you bought is precious!!