Saturday, September 14

fly fishing festival...

Ennis, Montana, is known throughout the world for it's trout fly fishing.  It's noted as the fly fishing capital of the nation.  Pretty impressive for such a small community. 
I love this sign posted just out of town.  
It's true!

Each year we hold an outdoor "Tie One On" fly fishing festival. 
Last year I was asked to make a quilt for one of the vendor booths. 
I made one and it sold within the first hours of opening.
So - I committed to another one for this year's festival. 
A simple wilderness jelly roll with borders added. 
It sold within the first day.

The really great part about these quilts are the embroidered tied flies. 

Stacey, owner of Coverups, Gifts and Embroidery, embroiders them for me. 
She does exceptional work! 
And honestly, it's the flies on the quilt that sells the quilt -
not so much the piecing or the quilting.

You can find her on Facebook under Coverups, Gifts & Embroidery.
While I was working her booth at the festival I took a few minutes to snap some pictures. 
There are literally 1,000's of people who visit this event every year - trout fishing enthusiasts! 
This pizza crust is all ready mixed with lots of incredible spices mixed in.  All you add is water. 
I bought a bunch for Christmas gift starters!
Love her fish flower pot.

I absolutely love this trout fish platter.  The designer hand paints them.

Baby Alpaca peeking over it's momma.  This little guy is only 4 weeks old.

The Alpaca owners use the wool to make fly rod holders.
This guy came home with me - he's hanging above my kitchen sink window.
I need to give him a name....
 There was actually a "girly" booth.  These ladies took plastic feed sacks and made very sturdy shopping bags out of them.  I couldn't resist - I got two with chickens on them.
Pot holders...

Kids fish flip flops...

 Fish wind socks at each booth...

 Hand-made-while-you-wait fishing nets.....these were selling like crazy!

Pretty fly tying know how I love thread!

lots and lots of fishing neck ties...
I worked on my fish wool rug hooking project while waiting for customers.....I only bring it out once a year. 
I wonder how many years it will take to finish at this rate? 
There is so much more to see - I only gave you a very small glimpse. 
It was perfect weather, I met a bunch of happy people and one lucky guy went home with his very own fish blanky! 
That's a good day.


  1. Makes me wish I liked to fish. Cute little town and I love festivals like that!

    1. It was so fun and relaxing. See you at the retreat!

  2. So wish I could have been there! I MUST come to Ennis!!! Love the idea of the herb pizza crust by only adding water, the fish platter was great and baby alpaca adorable. Great job on the quilt - I do love the embroidery as well. I made a strip quilt'll be seeing it soon. :)

    1. It was a blast! One can never have enough strip quilts, right?

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  4. Roger has been "instructed" by our association prez that he simply must learn fly fishing! Maybe when pigs fly! He'd rather bank fish any day of the week, the little rebel! Fun pics.

  5. Wow, looks like such fun! Glad you had a great time!! And, the quilt is just perfect!! xo Heather