Wednesday, September 25

Craft Taffy Retreat - part 1

I was fortunate enough to take a few days and travel to beautiful McCall, ID for a quilting retreat this past weekend.  It was sponsored by Corrie @ Quilt Taffy
(You can see even more pictures there.) 
I have to say, I have been to several quilt retreats but this one absolutely tops them all! 
We were pampered silly!
We each had a darling nametag with a little goodie tucked inside. 
Here's Shelto holding the fabric covered tree with them:
The decorations - oh, the decorations. 
It is a beautiful old lodge and Corrie had buntings strung everywhere:

We exchange "love gifts" - all wrapped up & waiting to be fought over selected:

I got this darling little bag made by Jen D.  (thank you, Jen)
And the other side just happened to have my initial on it! 
It was certainly meant to be.....I love it!
There were all sorts of sewing machines to drool over.
I love this little vintage "Princess" machine case:

And here's the little Princess machine:
Corrie actually made these sewing machines out of paper - way too cute!

Nothing in the world like a Singer Featherweight:

We were greeted with these ity bity containers at our sewing stations:

The flowers outside were in full bloom and simply lovely:

Centerpiece - white bottles with yarn pom-pom flowers:

There is so much more! Check back...


  1. You captured the retreat well Kathy. Makes me miss it! Wish it could be more than once a year but I guess then it wouldn't seem so special. I loved that you got the K bag and I loved meeting you :-)

    1. I loved meeting you, too. I miss it already, too.....but, there's always next year! yay!

  2. Thanx for taking lots of pics! How did the demo go?

    1. The demo went just fine - it was actually really fun! I'll post some pictures about the demos. The entire retreat was......a treat!

  3. Your demo was great! I'm inspired to try machine binding. Inspired, but still nervous. Great pics!

    1. Thanks, Corrie. It was fun to demo - you can do it!!!! You have great pics on your blog, too. Thanks again and again for a marvelous retreat!

  4. Looks like such a fun time!! I have always wanted to do a crafty get together!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy weekend!! xo Heather