Tuesday, October 1

Retreat - Part 3...random-ness

I'm going to show the rest of my favorites from our retreat.  Lots and lots of photos! 
Grab something  yummy to munch on, sit back and enjoy the moments!
Deborah's collection of wooden spools:
Deborah's collection of DMC floss:

Deborah re-wrapping her floss collection on to wood clothes pins (brilliant):

Re-wrapped floss on to clothes pins - so pretty!

Brenda's Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt blocks finally coming together:

Brenda painted this sign - I love the orange background.

The project I worked on the entire 3 days:

Here's 1/2 of my 2" Trip Around the world....I'll blog more about it later, when it's finished!
Shelto started on this amazing Halloween quilt years ago.  This is the poem she hand stitched on a panel

Corrie put these darling little bags on each bedroom door.  
Every morning we found a little surprise tucked inside. 
This one has our schedule of events and a sugar cookie sewing machine with our initials painted on it. 

More chocolate goodies - completely clever, that Corrie!

Our "traveling" goodies for the trip home.  Love these little containers!

Here we are - the lucky retreat gals!
Photo shoot with my friends & sister from Idaho. 

Each day we had a demo.
Here's Miss Des giving a demo on Artisan Bread. 
It was absolutely delish!!!

Mmmmmm - oil, spices & roasted garlic. 
We each got a little packet of the garlic & spices to take home.

Corrie owns an online shop, Quilt Taffy. 
She brought most of it to the retreat so we could go shopping.
Oh yes, I took full advantage of it!

I got that little orange beauty in front!

Corrie & Des - sisters....I love you both! 
Thank you for the best retreat EVER!!


  1. Morning Kathy, thanks for sharing!

  2. Jealousness! The trip around the world is amazing just like you said!

  3. Thanks for all the photos. I didn't manage to get pictures of everything and it has been fun re-living the wonderful event through all these fun pictures.

  4. Loving that trip quilt, you got binding put on a quilt too, during your fantastic demo. Love my hot pad - thank you! So so glad you came!

  5. love how you have done your trip quilt!! I need a tutorial of how u lined it all up!! What a fun retreat!!

  6. Ugh, I love it Kathy! The pictures illustrate your story beautifully!

  7. Oh my goodness Kathy!! I am so jealous!! Lucky you for being there.......