Wednesday, December 4

Giveaway WINNERS!!!

There were so many great ideas for stocking stuffers! 
Thank you everyone for your comments!

The winners of a little bundle of 8th yard cuts with some Christmas prints I used for stockings are:
Tracey Lynn and
Tracey's comment was:
Santa fills our stocking every year. He always puts an orange in the bottom too! He also gives us lots of personal hygiene items too. Santa likes to keep us clean!
I LOVE these stockings. I should have had you make ours. I sewed the toe to small, so Santa has to give us Cuties now.
And Holly's comment was:
These are so cute!! First time at your lovely blog! Visiting from "Vintage Grey" :) I love to put sweets, little gifts, and little treasures in our stockings. Mom always loads them up too, she normally puts lotion, perfume, small piece of jewelry, sometimes a little makeup(lip-gloss) :) They are always so much fun in our family :) Going to peak around your cute blog some more! :) Happy Holidays! xo Holly

- congratulations!  enjoy the "bits"...
(send me your mailing address through email and I'll get these cuties right out to you)


  1. Congratulations to Tracey and Holly!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so excited!! Thank you so much!! I'll send you my address!! :) xo Holly