Monday, April 14

happy kitchenaid

My friend, Kathy, over at Kathy's Cottage, has the cutest kitchenaid decals you've ever seen! 
She knows I love vintage so she created these feed sack decals I just had to have!
I ordered two different styles (one is for a gift)...

But, here's the thing with Kathy - when she sends you your order it comes all packaged up in tissue with lovely little stickers...

With this package I could immediately smell one of my favorite smells.....LEMON!  Yes, she made this amazing little ticking (as in fabric - not the beating kind), heart pillow with lemon incense and attached a beautiful little birds nest.
I had ordered some other items that came with this pillow but I'll blog about them later.  

She didn't know I love to collect birds nests, in fact, at Christmas time when we are looking for the best Christmas tree ever we try to find one with a birds nest tucked inside. 

 I have it sitting by my very old Jadite lamp - perfect together.

OK - back to the kitchenaid decals.
This is a picture of my kitchen aid BEFORE.....
This is AFTER....

See how happy she is! 
Kathy let me choose the ric-rac color - love this vintage blue color!
They were easy to apply and are washable.

I'm over the top happy with my spring-y kitchenaid!
Thank you so much, Miss Kathy.
Go here to order a set for yourself! 
There are a lot of different styles to choose from.


  1. Oh my goodness, I think I might like the aqua blue rick rack trim even more than the red! I'm so glad you like it Kathy :)

  2. Oh my gosh, thar's so cute!!!!!

  3. So cute! I wonder if they'd work for my food processor.