Saturday, May 31

a Tula Pink "City Sampler" & "Swoon"

My sweet customer, Debbie, from Mississippi, (I love writing that state name), took sewing seriously and created this amazing "City Sampler" quilt. 
It is designed by Tula Pink....(love her). 
There are 100 pieced blocks. 
Debbie used some pretty funky, fresh prints!  It's one of those quilt you find yourself staring at and pondering over. 
It has a very modern flair - she set them in a certain order so the over all colors blend from one to the next. 
Very clever!
You can purchase the book here.
I'm headed there right now! 
This is seriously one of those quilt I need to make. 
I quilted large vertical loops in the blocks (I didn't want to cover them up with quilting) and a swirl in the background area.
Debbie also made this very pretty "Swoon" quilt for her
I've quilted many "Swoon's" and I love them all over again each time I see one! 

Here are a couple of photos of my favorite blocks of Debbie's:
I quilted an all-over loose swirl.

You can read more about Debbie on her personal blog here.
Beautiful work...


  1. I want to do a Tula Pink Modern City Sampler too! I've been pouring over the book and have started collecting fabrics, but I'm too chicken to get started. Maybe we should do our own Modern City QAL!

    1. Ah - let's get started together! As soon as I get her book I'll let you know. And we can exchange fabrics!!!

  2. Wow, the tula pink quilt is amazing. Not only all those pieced blocks but then to have it all fade from one color to the next so beautifully, this lady really knows how to piece! I might be able to handle a swoon quilt, especially since the blocks are nice and big ;>)