Wednesday, May 7

VFW giveaway

My husband belongs to the local VFW chapter. 
(It means, Veteran of Foreign War.)
Our little town of Ennis, MT hosted a state chapter meeting last week.
They have some pretty amazing raffle prizes: guns, fishing items, local donations from the shops in town - you know - guy things!
My friend, Kathy, and I decided to donate one of our patriotic quilts for the raffle.

Kathy C. pieced it and I quilted with stippling & stars then I bound it.
Is that not the coolest backing? - it's a batik.

One of the Veteran's at my husband's table made the comment that he would love to bring this quilt home to his wife.....sweetness!
It was the last item chosen and......drum husband's ticket was chosen!
He stands up and says, "My wife told me to NOT come home with this quilt.  Draw someone else's ticket."  (I love this man)
So,  another veteran went home with this lovely quilt to give to his wife. 

Makes my heart smile when a Veteran receives a beautiful quilt.
"thank you" - to all the Veteran's out there.
(One of my patches on my motorcycle vest)


  1. What a beautiful quilt and the happiness it has brought the receiver (and givers)!!

  2. What a good man and a beautiful quilt!!!!

  3. That IS a cool design! It goes just perfect for the star and stripes theme.
    Love you motorcycle mama!!

  4. Lovely work Kathy and Kathy. Terrific story and fabulous husband!

  5. Just Wonderful! What a great pattern choice. Patriotic is telepathic today! I posted a bee block and have seen at least 4 patriotic quilts or blocks today!

  6. I love the quilt and so glad it went over so well.

  7. I love this, especially the backing! What line is that from? I would love to use it for my son in law who is in the Air Force:>)