Friday, June 13

Clover and Violet quilt

Jennie, the daughter half of Clover and Violet, recently sent me a quilt to be quilted.
It completely depicts the colors of clover and violets!
She and her mom create the most beautiful hand embroidery designs.
Here are a few photos of a baby quilt I quilted for them:
So springy!
Flowers, butterflies - makes me happy!
This label is among the other embroidered blocks on the front of the quilt - precious!
Embroidery adds so much to quilts. 
I'm seeing it more and more these days.
Jenny wanted flowers quilted all over the quilt...
LOVE the swag!
Perfect stitches!
Each block is stitched in the ditch (outlined) with quilting.
I had so much fun creating fluri-ness!
Beautiful little quilt! 
Thank you, Jennie, for letting me add my flowers to your "Garden Steps".
Are any of you working on floral quilts or embroidery?
Here is the link to their beautiful blog:


  1. A beautiful and sweet quilt!! Your quilting is always so pretty and perfect!! xo Heather

    1. Ah - thank you Heather. This was a really fun one to quilt - such a sweet, pretty one!

  2. A lovely quilt. I always wondered what would be the best way to quilt something with embroidered blocks, quilting through them didn't seem like the right thing to do. Outlining makes sense. It lets the embroidery shine:>)

    1. I know - I don't like the thought of stitching through someone's hand work!

  3. So beautiful. The quilting makes it glow! Do you use a ruler for ditching?

    1. I don't typically use a ruler for ditching....just a very steady hand and I go slow! But, sometimes I use a straight edge - always on diagonal stitching! thanks for the compliment!

  4. The quilting is amazing Kathy! I just love it and cannot wait to get this quilt hanging on my wall!

    1. You do such beautiful work! It was super fun quilting on this little treasure....thanks!