Friday, July 25

a 30's print retreat finish...

Last year I went to a retreat in lovely McCall, ID. 
It was hosted by Corrie & Des over at Quilt Taffy.
It was nothing short of amazing!
I'm going again this year - heels kicking in the air!
For three solid days I worked on one project - this 2" Trip Around the World quilt.
I had all the strips cut (130 of them) so all I had to do was sew, and sew, and sew!!!
I honestly thought I would go out of my mind sewing strips - I get bored easily with the same thing over and over. 
But, I was determined to finish it while I was there.
I used a very old pattern which was typed with a typewriter and had hand drawn pictures.  That's old!
The only thing I really had to pay attention to was keeping the piles in order by number - the rest was a piece of cake!
(I used little stickers with number on them)
Here is 1/2 of the top finished.
Some of the "rounds" have different prints, but they are within the same color.
The backing is a pretty purple 30's print.

peeking through asparagus plants...

I quilted it with an all-over!

I took the photos at my neighbors home just up the road - love this chipped paint door.
Old things with flowers in them...pretty.

The hand binding is a sweet green/white stripe my friend, Barbara, gave me....she knows I love green and stripes.  (thank you)

I'm very much in love with my 30's Trip quilt - it's a snuggler!

Corrie & Des are hosting another retreat this year.
You can read all about it here.
There are still a few spots left in the first session - you really don't want to miss out!
Thank you, Danette, for letting me take pictures on your're the best!


  1. oh this is just beautiful! I love it so, so much. I did a 30's Scrappy Trips quilt last year too, it's my favourite quilt! :-) xo

    1. The scrappy Trip might be my next one - I love 30's prints! Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Love your quilt! Curious as to what type of batting you used that made it snuggly and not stiff?

    1. I used a Hobbs 80/20 - it's a soft one and washes up so nice. Thanks!

    2. Good to know...thanks. I really like all your work.

  3. It's so beautiful!! And just lovely photos of it too!! Love it with the old barn, antiques, and the big tree! I had to pin one of them! :) Thanks for sharing!! Have a lovely day xo Holly

    1. Oh - thanks, Holly. I loved this photo shoot....perfect day, perfect setting! you have a lovely day, too. xxoo

  4. Very pretty Kathy!
    I'm jealous....sounds like a great retreat, but too far for me this summer. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your summer.

  5. so pretty, I love the soft look of all the colors

  6. I'm glad you stuck with it! It's beautiful ... I love 30s fabric. That's a bunch of squares!! :-)

  7. Beautiful Design. Would love to try someday, but on a smaller scale - baby size. You did a wonderful job - love the quilting on it too.

  8. Wowser's love the quilt. Your blog and pictures are always very nice.
    Any way you could do a tutorial on how to make that quilt? Would love to have the pattern.
    Have fun on your get away retreat.
    Thanks from Dillon , MT.

  9. Beautiful colors in your quilt, love the green stripe binding.

  10. Oh I am just dying over this quilt Kathy! I love your choice of 30's prints and the quilting ... LOVE!

  11. Your quilt is beautiful Kathy!! I love 30's prints!! Congrats on an awesome finish!

  12. I am so much like you Kathy, I get bored with repetitive tasks, but look at the results! Certainly worth a little boredom I would say. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I love scrappy quilts and I love this trip around the world!

  13. Oh how wonderful! It is everything I love. You did a fantastic job!!