Tuesday, July 22

VS (vintage sheet) quilt

Bev, from Virginia, made this very simple, beautiful vintage sheet quilt. 
She collects vintage sheets and makes pretty things with them.
 These blocks are 10" squares.
I quilted chunky flowers & loops all over.
Bev used a vintage sheet for the backing - perfect!
 She also sent me a cute mermaid quilt.
Bev wanted a clamshell design and because of the direction I quilt the shells, I needed to know if the quilt was directional.
Bev helped me out by marking the top of both the back & the front with masking tape.
I love this idea!

 Now I know which direction to load the quilt on my machine.
I love these little mermaid prints....I don't see too many of them here in the Montana mountains!
 Very cute quilt!
Thanks, Bev.  You always have great quilting ideas!
You can learn more about Bev on her blog here.


  1. I love them both. I'm not sure I've ever met a quilt I didn't like ;>) I have been intrigued by vintage sheet quilts for a while now. Making one is on my quilting bucket list.

  2. I want to be Bev's best friend from the name of her blog alone!!
    Get her to the retreat!!! ;)
    PLUS, I love mermaids AND vintage sheet quilts. FAbulous!

    1. Bev is so fun - it's always a treat quilting for her. And I do know how you feel about mermaids & VS quilts! A gal after your own heart....