Wednesday, July 16

Candy's quilts

Candy, from Missouri, sent some pretty adorable quilts to be quilted.
Here are a few snap shots of them...
First up - a scrappy red & white strippy quilt.
I quilted an all-over large swirl.
Wouldn't you love to take a little stroll through her stash?
  I believe everyone should own a red & white quilt!
Love the dot backing.
Next - this adorable Aneela Hoey Red Riding Hood baby quilt. 
I'm in love with the little ribbon "pull tabs" she inserted - brilliant!
I quilted chunky flowers with some loops
thrown in.
Then a college quilt for an OSU student.
Candy used the "never fail" Yellow Brick Road pattern.
I quilted loops in the center and straight lined the outside border.
Look at this back - a touchdown, right there!
Candy is definitely ahead of the holidays - this Halloween quilt is so darn cute!
I love the prints!
Monster faces! 
 I quilted double bubbles in the center and outer border.
Then added long figure "8's" on an inner border.
Your quilts were so fun to quilt - thanks, Candy, for adding FUN to my love of quilting.


  1. So sweet quilts and your quilting is always so beautiful!! xo Heather

    1. Thank you, Heather - Candy does a beautiful job picking fabrics & designs that work together.

  2. Awesome quilts. Love that baby tab idea and the Halloween and OSU quilts are just as inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know - I love that baby tab idea, too. I might have to steal it!

  3. Darling quilts, and yes I would love to go through her scrap basket ;>) The tabs on the baby quilt must have been hard to quilt around, but it sure is a cute idea!

    1. Oh the baby tabs....I only stitched one down...not too bad!