Wednesday, September 24

super girl retreat...

I just returned from the most fantastic retreat EVER!
It was hosted by Corrie & Des of Quilt Taffy, in beautiful McCall, Idaho.
Here are an overload some photos....(you'll see a LOT of pink).
The theme was "Super Girl" - Corrie made this sky line:
our table scape....

the huge sewing room...

Each of us had this adorable Super Girl necklace to wear...
and....a water bottle with Moose popcorn (to die for).

Our little Super Girl watched over us the entire retreat.
 Corrie had kits available to make our own.
One of our meals - an outdoor picnic on metal lunch trays.

Notice the equine rider - he's also wearing a Super Girl mask!


There were swags hung everywhere - so pretty!
Just ONE of the gifts they had made for each of us....a covered notebook.  I love mine!

Demos - my sister, LeeLa, showing how to make a poke-a-dot cake.
(she's so cute)

Poke-a-dot cake balls sitting on top of cake batter...

Pour more batter on top & bake!

cute cakes....

And there you go!  DOT cakes!

I gave a demo on fleece socks - here is Dianne wearing hers.

So many quilt tops were completed & hung on the railings.
This is Emily's jelly roll.

Amanda's "O's" quilt.

My "Birch Tree" exchange quilt top.
(you can find the pattern here at Crazy Mom Quilts)
My "Spin Cycle" top out of Denyse Schmidt prints.
(you can get the pattern here at Cluck Cluck Sew)

I caught Nancy with a mouth FULL of pins!

Thank you, Des & Corrie, for an amazing week!
(I think they're cheering because it's almost OVER!)

McCall - I'll miss the lake & the beauty.

But wait - there's more!
Stay tuned!


  1. My gosh, you brought tears to my eyes! Wonderful retreat with wonderful ladies!

    1. I agree - it shouldn't be over yet! It was so good seeing you again!

  2. Oh, it looks like so much fun! I wish it was closer, I would try to come next year. Love the quilt tops, the tables, the poke a dot cake (must try that!), everything looks awesome! I would love to hear more :>)

  3. Scottie Jean!! What a cute report!! Can't wait for more. It's almost like being there! ;0) Couldn't have done any of it w/out you and Leela!!

  4. Thanks for the great photos Ms. Kathy! Can't wait to see the rest.

  5. Loved the pictures and synopsis for the unfortunates who couldn't be there!

  6. It was such a great retreat! It was so nice to meet everyone! Penny

  7. Great pics, don't mind if I steal a few. What are we cheering about?? You, cuz you're awesome.

  8. Oh Kathy, that looks like so much fun! Keep the pics coming! :-)

  9. Wow! I feel like I got another week of retreat just looking at your amazing photos!! Loved every minute of it! Thanks to Des and Corrie for all their hard work.

  10. I had such a great time at the retreat. Thanks to everyone who made it possible and to the great women I met. It was all really a treat!

    1. It was fabulous meeting you & your crochet hooks - sheesh! You have some serious skills, Miss Cindy!

  11. That picture! Ha! I'm so glad that I got to sit at your table and get to know you and Leela! And I really love how the birch quilt turned out! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    1. SO glad I got you meet you, too! LOVE the photo of you & your pins....makes me giggle! My Birch Tree quilt is awesome - can't wait to get it quilted. hugs....

  12. What a fabulous time you ladies had! I have to make the polka dot cake! So cute and clever! And you socks! Oh you know how much I love mine!! ;o) Surrounded by so much beauty and happy sewing.

    1. It was more than amazing - wish you could have come! Another time, my friend. xxoo