Saturday, September 13

Quilts of Valor Foundation Convention...and shopping!

My pal, Kathy Coontz, and I recently attended a QOV convention in Henderson, NV.
It was inspiring, informative and fun! 
Here are a few highlights of the trip...
To start the first evening off they awarded eight Veteran's with a beautiful quilt.

There was a WWII Veteran who brought us all to tears.

We had inspiring stories from members of the foundation, including Australia and Canada.

Marianne Fons, of Fons & Porter, serves on the Board of Directors.
Here she is with the founder, Catherine Roberts, during a Q&A session.
They're both really funny and smart and passionate women. 
We also visited the local quilt shop, Quiltique, just up the road from the hotel.
Kathy spotted ANOTHER piece of fabric she just had to have!

The decorations in this shop are so darn cute - a gum ball machine next to a bright colorful quilt.

This cracks me up!

And my favorite - an old piece of iron springs from a bed to hold little bits of fabric - so smart!

Yes, this is our next QOV project....stunning!

It was such a fun trip - now I'm all pumped up to start on more QOV quilts!
You can read more about the foundation here.


  1. That quilt shop looks fabulous!!

  2. Very nice quilting! I love these designs. It's warm and nice colors representing it unique, would like to see more amazing designs like these ones. Oh! that scarf is nice too.

  3. Every quilt so beautiful and no one deserves them more than our dear veterans! I love the flag patterned quilt!

  4. I know on the QOV website they say they do not want "flag replica" quilts, so I wonder if that quilt in the last photo is ok? I agree, though, it's a beauty!

    1. You're right - they don't want flag replica quilts....this last quilt was a display quilt at the Quiltique quilt shop. I just loved the pattern. It won't be a QOV.